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Wire Report - February 16th,

Welcome to this comprehensive recap, a culmination of the latest updates and happenings. In this overview, we'll delve into a treasure trove of news and various content directly linked to the Year-1 Anniversary Update. Moreover, we'll showcase an array of amazing community contributions that our players have shared with us.

Year-1 Anniversary

This month marks the 1st anniversary for Company of Heroes 3 on PC, and we plan to celebrate in style! Today we break down everything happening in the weeks ahead to mark the occasion.

Community Insights - Steel Shepherd

As the end of 2023 nears, and before our team takes a bit of down time over the Holidays, we want to take a moment to talk about our biggest update of the year for Company of Heroes 3 – Steel Shepherd and Hammer & Shield. We want to address some of the feedback we’ve been seeing from players, talk about the first 10 months since CoH3’s launch, and let you know what to expect in early 2024.

[PC] Hotfix 1.4.2

After the release of our Steel Shepherd (1.4.0) update, this hot fix aims to resolve our highest priority bugs while also introducing some necessary changes. As always, please ensure you are reporting any bugs using our form here


[PC] Steel Shepherd (1.4.0) Patch Notes

[PC] Steel Shepherd Mission Briefing

Steel Shepherd (1.4.0), our latest and largest update this year, will be available for Company of Heroes 3 on PC on Tuesday, December 5th. We are also releasing the Hammer and Shield Pack alongside the Steel Shepherd update. Steel Shepherd includes an improved front end design and main menu, new multiplayer maps, single player and multiplayer balance updates, Replays and a new replay HUD, and much more. 

Steel Shepherd Overview

Check out our Overview Video to get the scoop on the key items arriving in Steel Shepherd.

Wire Report - November 24, 2023

This week's highlights are all in the spirit of the Steel Shepherd Update and Hammer & Shield release, with videos and sneak peeks to watch, as well as some amazing community content shared by our players.

[PC] Major Update and Expansion Pack

On December 5th we are releasing the biggest update to Company of Heroes 3 ever – Steel Shepherd (1.4.0), along with The Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack. It’s going to be a big day for the game, so mark it in your calendars! 

[PC] 1.4.0 - FAQ Steel Shepherd + Hammer and Shield

Exciting times are ahead for players who are waiting on the Expansion Pack and more content. Our biggest update of the year, The 1.4.0 Steel Shepherd Update, will be launched on December 5th. Additionally, we are also releasing the Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack on the same day.    

Wire Report - November 10, 2023

This week's highlights are intended to catch you up on the Umber Wasp Balance Tuning Update, as well as our new map making tutorials and, of course, some fantastic community content our players have shared with us.

Wire Report - October 13, 2023

This week's highlights are meant to catch you up on the Umber Wasp Update, Xbox Hotfix, as well as some awesome community content our players have shared with us.