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Operation Sapphire Jackal - Mission Briefing

Our team at Relic is very excited to share the first major update for Company of Heroes 3, which we’ve codenamed Operation Sapphire Jackal. This update includes a significant number of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, gameplay balance adjustments, and all-new features and content.

Community Insights: PC Launch

We recap everything that’s happened in the launch window, what top feedback we’re seeing from players, and what comes next!

Company of Heroes 3 Launch FAQ

Find all your CoH3 launch day answers and important links here!

Deutsches Afrikakorps Sizzle Trailer

The Deutsches Afrikakorps are a mobile and aggressive force that excels in mechanized tactics. Bolstered by a strong roster of Italian loyalist allies, the Afrikakorps strike fast, and never take their foot off the gas. Check out the trailer to see them in action.

5.11 Tactical Sweepstakes (USA Only)

US based Company of Heroes fans pay attention! We’re partnering with 5.11 Tactical, a global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, to give away game codes plus $2,500 worth of 5.11 gear in celebration of the game’s release.

Wire Report - February 2023

There’s been so much Company of Heroes news in the last couple months, we knew we had to recap it all and showcase some of the amazing content our players have been creating! With CoH3’s launch approaching fast this month on February 23rd and the Multiplayer Tech Test behind us, we’re not going to waste anymore time. Let’s get into it!

Tech Test CoH-Development Update

An in-depth recap of the Multiplayer Tech Test including our objectives, results, and how we plan to address player feedback.