Wire Report - February 16th,

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Wire Report - February 16th,

In this overview, we'll delve into a treasure trove of the most recent  news and various content directly linked to the Year-1 Anniversary Update. Moreover, we'll showcase an array of amazing community contributions that our players have shared with us.



Year-1 Anniversary Announcement 

As we approach the one-year release anniversary for Company of Heroes 3, we wanted to share our latest plans and community events. On Tuesday, we officially announced the upcoming Year-1 Anniversary update!  


Scheduled for release on February 27th, 2024, this update encompasses: 

  • Remake of classic Company of Heroes 1 and 2 maps 
  • 5 Classic Maps (2 from Community mapmakers and 3 from Relic)
  • 2 new map variants for Coop vs A.I.New Profile Customization 
  • Multiplayer (MP) Adjustments  
  • Experimental call-in change 

As per usual, look forward to sneak peeks on our social channels providing glimpses of the content coming with the update. 

Check out the Minimaps & Semois Sneak Peek!

For a detailed breakdown of our Year-1 Anniversary, you can refer to the

 Year-1 Anniversary Blogpost



As with all our updates, we will conduct an in-depth overview of all the changes and new content, featuring discussions with our Development team. Following this, there will be a detailed review of patch notes with the Balance team on the morning of the update. Save the date and catch the live sessions on our official Twitch channel! 


Year-1 Anniversary Update Deep Dive 

  • Date: Thursday, February 22nd 
  • Time: 10 am Pacific Time 
  • Includes a teaser for the upcoming 1.6.0 update! 


Year-1 Update Balance Discussion 

  • Date: Tuesday, February 27th 
  • Time: 10 am Pacific Time 


New community Social Event  

In the spirit of celebrating our anniversary, we want our players to join the festivities! 

Introducing Frontline Mobilization, a thrilling Community Social Event. We're daring players to deploy 12 million units in Multiplayer or Singleplayer from February 27th to March 5th. If the community achieves this feat, special profile customization options will be unlocked for ALL players. This marks our first attempt at a social challenge, so let's see your skills in action! 


Anniversary Challenge 

For the first week after the Year-1 Anniversary update, players have the opportunity to tackle three special Anniversary Challenges within the game. These challenges, distinct from the regular daily and weekly ones, carry substantial rewards, with each granting an impressive 800 Merit. This adds up to an extra 2,400 Merit available for players to earn during CoH3's Year-1 Anniversary! 

  • Anniversary Competitor: Accomplish 5 Multiplayer or Custom matches on any of the new maps. 
  • Anniversary Campaigner: Successfully complete 5 Italian Campaign missions. 
  • Anniversary Demolitionist: Destroy 50 vehicles in Single Player or Multiplayer. 


Twitch Takeover

Aligned with this month's update, we have planned numerous Twitch Takeovers featuring beloved members of our official Creator Squad. Tune in to our official Twitch channel beginning February 29th to catch channel takeovers by: 

  • AE 
  • Elpern 
  • Tightrope 
  • Lady Rytsu 
  • FitzBro 
  • Greyshot 
  • Momo4Sho 
  • Iron Cast 


Amazon Prime Gaming Drop 11  

Elevate your gaming with the Night Fighters Deutsches Afrika Korps HQ Cosmetic Bundle! For the HQ, Marder III & Panzerpioneer.


Prime Gaming exclusive for February/March 2024 - don't miss out!  




GBPirate Map Making Contest  

Don’t miss the community-led map making contest being organized by GBPirate. The CoH Worldbuilders 2024 Map Making Competition is currently in progress, showcasing 7 player-submitted maps available for testing on the Steam Workshop. The competition winners will be revealed in March, and for additional details, visit GBPirate's YouTube channel or locate the maps on the Steam Workshop

The Company of Heroes 3 Resurgence Cup 

The Company of Heroes 3 Resurgence Cup, organized by AE, kicks off on March 2nd. This 1v1 tournament, boasting a $4,000 prize pool, introduces an innovative 4v4 and 2v2 losers' bracket, offering players a chance to make a resurgence back to the finals. Catch all the intense matchups on AE’s Twitch and YouTube, culminating in the finals on March 10th. 



We've initiated a new series shedding light on community map makers, modders, and creators. Here's the debut installment: 


Meet Spanky, one of the brilliant community map makers for CoH3! ?️  

According to him, "Company of Heroes is the best RTS series ever made, providing countless hours of intense battles and memories that I will forever cherish." Spanky's passion shines through in his work as well. Explore his remake of the classic CoH2 map, Operation Eindhoven, on Steam.  

Explore the remake of the classic CoH2 map, Operation Eindhoven, on Steam.  



Check out these screenshots by our community member Charlotte Janne 





This is a great drawing of the CoH3 main menu shared by AmanSingh. Solid work!  


Loving this meme by Webster Bolek 


Here is a great video by SargeGG coaching a new player.  

And an awesome screenshot from viceroy 


You can submit your content for consideration by using the hashtag #CoHCommunity on our socials or by sharing screenshots, links and videos on our Discord or Forums.   

That's it for this week. Tune in on CoH3 news on any of the links below. 




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