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Next generation Action, Award Winning Tactics, & Addictive Layers of Strategy

Company of Heroes 3 

Is the largest game launch in franchise history.

Dynamic Campaign Map 

Introduces a deep and replayable experience with unprecedented choice.

Night Assault
Full Tactical Pause

Gives players a new level of tactical control on the battlefield.


CoH-Development - September 2021 Development Diary

Find out how we've worked with our players since day one of Company of Heroes 3, why it's so important, and what the road ahead looks like. 

Thanks for Taking Part in the Pre-Alpha Preview

Now that we’ve concluded the Pre-Alpha Preview of Company of Heroes 3, we wanted to take this time to thank everyone for taking part. Here's what comes next.

Pre-Alpha Preview - Known Issues and Workarounds

Here is a quick rundown of our top known issues and workarounds to help make your experience as best as it can be.

Announcing – Company of Heroes 3

The legendary strategy franchise is back, combining heart-pounding combat with new layers of strategy in a breathtaking Mediterranean setting. Relic Entertainment™ and SEGA® are thrilled to reveal that Company of Heroes™ 3, the latest instalment in the critically acclaimed strategy series, is coming to PC in late 2022.

Company of Heroes 3 - Game Overview

This high-level overview document will introduce you to the gameplay and major features of Company of Heroes 3. As we work towards an Alpha build, we'd like your feedback to help guide our decisions around feature development, content changes, and core gameplay improvements. 

Company of Heroes 3 - Cinematic Announce Trailer & Gameplay Trailer

Let's watch the new Company of Heroes 3 trailers!