Company of Heroes 3 - November 2022 Update

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[PC] Coral Viper (1.6.0) - Patch Notes

Find our current known issues list here



[PC] Coral Viper (1.6.0) Mission Briefing

Introducing the Coral Viper (1.6.0) update for PC, available for Company of Heroes 3 on Tuesday, March 19th. Prepare for a series of notable improvements, including the introduction of new maps, refined vehicle pathfinding, and strategic balance adjustments.  

[PC] 1.4.0 Update - Steel Shepherd and Hammer and Shield

Exciting times are ahead for players who are waiting on the Expansion Pack and more content. Our biggest update of the year, The 1.4.0 Steel Shepherd Update, will be launched on December 5th. Additionally, we are also releasing the Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack on the same day.