March 2024 Console Edition Patch Notes

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March 2024 Console Edition Patch Notes

This console update introduces several new features, quality of life improvements and new exciting content to the Console Edition of Company of Heroes 3. Additionally, the Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack is now available for players who wish to augment their forces on the battlefield. This update marks a significant improvement to the Company of Heroes experience on console, and a great time to jump back in to check out the new maps, Battlegroups, balance adjustments and improvements.


Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack 


  • US Forces – Advanced Infantry Battlegroup  
  • Wehrmacht – Italian Coastal Battlegroup

Campaign Company

  • British Forces – Air & Sea 

Cosmetic Bundle 

  • US Forces - Board Room Hellcat & Half-track Pack   
  • Wehrmacht - Fallen Leaf Stug III & Fallen Leaf Panzer IV   
  • British Forces - Nature’s Vanguard 15 CWT Truck & Dingo Pack   
  • Afrikakorps - Blocking Force Infantry Pack


Villa Fiore – 1v1  

Added 1v1 Villa Fiore map to Automatch, Co-op vs A.I., Skirmish and Custom game modes.  

Villa Fiore is a quaint, unspoiled map set in the vineyards of rural Italy, including:  

  • Hilltop Villa
    Featuring close quarters and building-to-building combat within its inner courtyards  

  • Rural Outskirts
    Featuring easy mobility in and around hamlets, stables and farms and its various territories  

Day 101 – 2v2 

Added 2v2 Day 101 map to Automatch, Co-op vs A.I., Skirmish and Custom game modes.  

Day 101 was the product of our Map Making 101 video series, with a final layer of polish and balancing – major features include:  

  • Central Farmlands
    Considerably more open and exposed farmland, bisected by a shallow river, where players will need to construct their own cover to maintain a foothold   

  • Northern City Outskirts
    Featuring combat across various plazas, bridges and dense, city streets  

  • Southern Waterfall
    A narrow passage of low ground enabling flanking around the map which players cannot afford to ignore  

Benghazi – 3v3 

Added 3v3 Benghazi map to Automatch, Co-op vs A.I., Skirmish and Custom game modes. 

Benghazi is a dense, urban landscape, clinging to the Libyan coastline, featuring: 

  • City Outskirts to the North 

  Featuring flanking routes around the dense urban center 

  • Urban Streets and Courtyards 

  Featuring frantic building-to-building combat and chokepoints 

  • Industrial Dockyards to the South 

 Featuring wider laneways but strong, garrisonable factories 

Monte Cavo – 4v4  

Added 4v4 Monte Cavo map to Automatch, Co-Op vs A.I., Skirmish and Custom game modes. 

Monte Cavo is a steep, forested mountain featuring: 

  • Northern Logging Camps 

A circuitous road taking the high ground, enabling flanking across the mountaintop 

  • Central Military Complex 

Featuring a listening post surrounded with barbed wire fences and walls 

  • Checkpoint to the South 

Another flanking route along the low ground, enabling players to shield themselves from view in the dense forests 

Sousse Wetlands – 4v4  

Added 4v4 Sousse Wetlands map to Automatch, Co-op vs A.I., Skirmish and Custom game modes.  

Sousse Wetlands is a vast Tunisian map with three distinct locations:  

  • The Ancient Walled City to the North
    Featuring exciting urban combat and flanking routes galore  

  • The Wetlands and Causeway
    Featuring masses of foliage and water where combat is long-ranged, and maneuverability is key  

  • The Desert Village to the South
    Where cover can rapidly deteriorate, and defenders can easily be outflanked 

Player Profile  

Added a new Player Profile feature. The Player Profile displays information about ranked match rating, player rank and additional statistics about matches. You can find a Q&A and our full write-up on this new feature here


End of Match Results  

  • Damage Dealt and Damage Taken stats no longer include environmental damage or friendly fire.   
  • Kill stats such as Soldiers Killed and Vehicles Killed no longer include friendly fire.  
  • Squads Lost stat at the end of the match now shows the correct number.  
  • Unit Efficiency fixed and changed from percentage to a ratio Efficiency Factor.

Match Stats  

  • Quitting a match will no longer exit the Match Stats screen.   
  • If a player gets disconnected from a match, they will now still be able to view the match stats.    

Social Interaction Options  

  • Players can now find all social interactions by selecting the "..." button next to a player’s name.   

Visual Improvements 

Ambient Occlusion, Atmospheric Fog, Fog of War, Lens Bloom, Tone Mapping, and Lighting improvements have combined to update visuals across all maps and modes.  

  • Added a subtle new camera lens bloom effect.  
  • Adjusted tone mapping to improve readability, particularly in shadows.   
  • Improved ambient occlusion rendering quality.    
  • Improved the quality of atmospheric fog.  
  • Modified the way atmospheric fog interacts with the fog of war effect.  
  • Updated environment atmospheres to accommodate new rendering changes.    
  • Updated environment lighting to improve tone and readability.

Front End and Navigation  

Starting with a revamped Front-End Menu experience, the overhauled UI Menu now aligns with the franchise's legacy, in conjunction with stronger immersion and a consistent experience.   

  • Streamlined navigation and an organized layout that simplifies players' access to their favorite game modes and settings. Players can now resume their Campaign progression right from the Main Menu.   
  • An upgraded Visual Presentation featuring brand new sets of background images in the Main Menu, Loading UI, and Game Modes. The newly updated Main Menu will immerse players with new ambient sound effects and visual animations.   
  • Every menu and screen players encounter offers a uniform and refined experience, making it easier and more predictable to navigate. This update lays the groundwork for future interface improvements.  

Additional UI/Navigation Changes  

  • A Resume Campaign button has been added to the Main Menu.   
  • The "Cycle " naming now makes it clear that the camera behavior when the hotkey is used is governed by the "Find and Cycle " setting (select without moving the camera vs camera focus vs camera follow).   
  • The Edge Pan Smoothing option has been added in Settings. Default setting ‘Off’.  
  • The default WASD key binding profile has been updated to better match the regular default profile including using Alt as the camera orbit modifier instead of Alt+Ctrl.   
  • The "Focus Next [unit] " and "Select Next [unit] " hotkey bindings have been combined into a new set called  "Cycle [units] " along with the "Idle " equivalents.   
  • The "Select All " and "Select All On Screen " hotkeys have been fixed.   
  • Updated Battlegroup selection menu to include space for a description, enabling players to compare battlegroups before locking their choices.



Event Cues  

  • All event cues have received an Art pass and will now look more cohesive with one another.   
  • Event cues have been further adjusted to reduce how often they appear on the player’s screen.  
  • Added a new text background to make event cues text more legible.   
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the maximum of 3 event cues from being visible at the same time and allowing any number of event cues to be displayed.  
  • Fixed instances where the Mine Hit event cue wouldn’t trigger   
  • General tool-tip fixes and improvements   
  • Improved visual appearance to match the new art style, improving consistency and readability.

Heavy Machine Guns 

  • Crew health decreased from 90 to 80.  
  • HMG 42 Team suppression dealt to suppressed targets reduced from 0.35 to 0.3.  
  • Vickers, M1919 Browning, and MG 34 suppression dealt to suppressed targets reduced from 0.5 to 0.4.  
  • HMG Incremental Accuracy standardized to 1.12 except for the MG 42 HMG.  
  • Infantry pin threshold increased from 0.5 to 0.65.  
  • Wide arc machine gun arcs reduced from 125 to 110.


  • HQ Sector bunker positioning has been adjusted across various maps to prevent bunkers from unintentionally covering resource points, whilst also reducing the number of blind spots that might be exploited by the enemy player.  
  • Many heavy-crush rock piles have been removed across Africa maps, including but not limited to Road to Tunis - 1v1 and Gazala Landing Ground - 3v3  
  • Heavy-crush rock piles have been replaced in many cases by Sangars, which still provide heavy cover, but are less resilient to damage and are medium-crush 
  • Updated Tobruk to use a new atmosphere.

Taranto Coastline 1v1  

  • Rebalancing of buildings near Victory Points.  
  • Removal of several large rock outcrops to enable late-game crush to open the map.  
  • Territory layout adjusted to be more appropriate for competitive gameplay.

Twin Beaches 1v1   

  • Added an infantry-only “gitty” between Mount Bacon and the Northern beach  
  • Adjusted the placement and number of rocks and tank traps on the Southern beach, to better improve vehicle flow and pathfinding  
  • Minor adjustments to cover around Mount Bacon  
  • Terrain adjusted to rebalance height gameplay around Mount Bacon

Campbell’s Convoy – 2v2   

  • Readjusted cover placement along the central resource points, particularly around the most contested resources.  

Catania Crossing 3v3  

  • Returned the baby truck to its home, where it belongs.  
  • Updated the two rail bridges to one double length bridge, reducing the number of bridges to destroy/repair in this area of the map from 4 to 2.

Mignano Summit – 3v3   

  • Updated territory layout, reducing the number of high resource points and spreading their value more evenly across the map. This should reduce the chances of games ending too soon from dominating the central areas of the map.  

Monte Cavo – 4v4  

  • Updated camera mesh to make it adhere closer to the terrain, which will prevent the camera from elevating too high near rocky outcrops.  
  • Updated atmosphere to transition into Dawn after around 30 minutes of gameplay.  

Pachino Stalemate – 1v1 

Reworked 1v1 Pachino Stalemate map. This map is available in Automatch, Co-op vs A.I., Skirmish and Custom game modes.  

  • A redesign of the existing 1vs1 map for all game modes, including:  
  • Considerable changes to territory and accessibility  
  • Large rock formations have been removed map-wide enabling better mid to late game pathfinding (which should open the map up as larger vehicles hit the field)  
  • Updated cover around central resource points  
  • Updated map textures to improve visibility around key areas  
  • Updated atmosphere  

Winter Line – 4v4  

  • Updated cover placement around the central bunker complex.  
  • Replaced a number of trenches with sangars, improving the pathfinding of tanks in these areas. 


Minimap & Tactical Map  

  • The animation for out-of-supply sectors has been updated to be in line with previous Company of Heroes games, flashing between two different tones of blue (or red for enemy territories).  
  • Territory lines will no longer disappear in out-of-supply sectors.   

Off-Map Abilities - Multiplayer  

The intent of the changes to off-map abilities is to deliver a more robust, reliable and responsive system, while also improving the experience by providing more tells from both a visual and audio standpoint.    

Off-Map Audio  

  • Added projectile sounds to off-map abilities that vary with the type of ability.  


Both off-map and flight abilities will now use an expanded set of flares, which will indicate the danger level of an ability.  

  • Added yellow-colored flares for low threat abilities like unit mortar barrages abilities. Added orange-colored flares for medium threat abilities like strafing runs and standard off-map abilities with medium caliber weapons. The existing red-colored flares will now announce heavy threat abilities, like bombing, rocket runs, loiters and high caliber off-map abilities.   
  • The green-colored flares will be kept for paradrop related abilities.  

Sector Off-Maps  

  • Added sector highlight on both the minimap and tactical map that will inform players which territories are being covered by a sector ability. Sector abilities used by the player or allies will highlight the affected territories in yellow, those from opponents will turn them orange.  

Ability Reticles  

  • Adjusted various reticles for abilities to match the effective radius or the ability type.  

Ground Deformation  

  • Off-map ability projectiles now do ground deformation damage.  


  • Adjusted vehicle pathfinding to take more direct paths to the requested location.  
  • Infantry will now do less pathing adjustments when friendly soldiers are in the way.  
  • Infantry will no longer prefer to take paths with denser cover distribution, which has often led to unpredictable behaviours.  
  • Infantry will now be able to path through allied infantry and team weapons. When traversing through blocking vehicles, infantry will now think they can path through, but will be physically stopped until the vehicles move out of the way for more predictable behavior.  
  • Retreating infantry will no longer get stuck in place when pathing into vehicles, squads, and team weapons.  
  • Team weapons (whether abandoned, set-up, or idle) will no longer be able to block chokepoints for allied units. The space under team weapons is now considered a pathing space.       
  • Units executing attack orders will more consistently approach their target in a straight line.   
  • Vehicles doing a Move order at longer distance will now follow a straight path opposed to following a path that is aligned with their orientation.        
  • Vehicles will no longer be allowed to stop while phasing.   
  • Fixed a case of infantry getting stuck on world objects.  
  • Fixed a few instances where vehicles wouldn't move when trying to go around enemy vehicles.   
  • The Walking Stuka Rocket Halftrack will now properly path through light crush obstacles.  
  • Units are now more likely to prioritize pathing in the direction they are currently facing, according to the movement order.  
  • Engineers no longer get stuck in a running loop when attempting to repair bridges.   


  • On map communication pings will now feature a new visual effect, that includes a uniquely colored tear drop effect lasting for 10 seconds.  
  • New features for ping visibility  
  • A colored light beam will appear on pings to improve visibility at distance and when used next  to tall assets like high vegetation, trees and buildings.  
  • Previous pings will be removed when a new ping of the same type is issued.   
  • Each ping type will have a unique cursor when selected.  
  • New animation effects on both minimap and tactical map have been added to drastically improve ping readability. 

Ping cooldown  

  • Introduced a cooldown period during ich a player can no longer issue pings, which is activated when a given player issues multiple pings in rapid succession.  
  • When on cooldown, trying to use pings again will display a message in the chat visible to the player.  
  • Continuously using pings when on cooldown will further increase the cooldown itself.   


  • Improved selection priority of infantry, vehicles, weapons, supply crates and sectors to ensure controlling and selecting things in-game feels better.  
  • Increased the selection boxes for infantry. This will help when selecting infantry, both the player’s and the opponent’s.  
  • Retreating units no longer remain selected or selectable.   
  • When re-selecting units, the game will now reset any previously opened menus such as construction.   
  • Adjusted the selection box from 1 to 3 on all faction's HMGs 
  • Buildings are no longer selectable through the ground, making it easier to move infantry close to buildings without entering them.   
  • Decorators now have higher priority than bounding boxes, making it easier to select single units.   
  • Player-constructed defenses now show up as ghosts in fog of war   
  • When selecting multiple unit abilities shouldn't overlap or have a priority such that both retreat and reverse commands are now available to use when both infantry and vehicles are selected. 

Tactical Map  

  • Scaled down unit decorators, they now act as position icon.  
  • Removed the Unit position icon (circle). 

Team Weapons   

Aim while on reload/cooldown cycles  

  • Team weapons can now move the barrel to acquire a new target while the reload or cooldown phases of the team weapon are happening. They will no longer wait for these phases to be completed before acquiring a new target.   

Idle state  

  • Team weapons are now able to track and start the setup process much better when the weapon is not set up and an enemy moves into range. Previously it was possible that the team weapon would indefinitely try to follow the center of a squad as it moved.   


  • Team weapons now only start to teardown if ALL entities of the targeted enemy squad are out of the arc of fire. Previously it was possible that entities from the enemy squad were still targetable, but the team weapon chose to teardown   


  • Team weapons now teardown much faster. Barrels now snap to the center quicker to allow the team weapon to start the teardown process. This makes team weapons more responsive.   

Turn in place range  

  • Team weapons now have a range around them at which giving a re-face order won't make them move to the location. Most of the time, when doing a proximity selection near a team weapon with a re-face order, the intent of the player is to pivot and not move, which adds extra delay.  

Vehicle Mobility  

End of Movement   

  • Added a new functionality for vehicles to end their movement order at a set distance before a blocker.  

Infantry and Vehicle Blocking  

  • Infantry units no longer ignore moving vehicles and try to path around them.  

Front-Facing Movement Preference  

  • Vehicles now use their original facing direction for most movement orders.  

Formation Movement  

  • Vehicles now adhere to their formation as expected when performing formation movements instead of converging to the same point.   

Phasing Through Units  

  • Vehicles are now allowed to phase through each other and through enemy vehicles that are moving, although they will still prefer to move around if possible.   

Preference to not go around even if path is blocked  

  •  Vehicles will no longer go off the path while chasing enemies. This change was made to address unpredictable vehicle behavior when the vehicle path is blocked in chases. 

Road Preference   

  • To prevent vehicles from responding unpredictably and often veering to roads instead of taking the shortest route to the order location, road preference was turned off.  


  • Vehicule turning has been improved to prevent them from pivoting on the spot or losing too much momentum while turning. This change is meant to improve responsiveness with vehicles, especially during flanks.  

Vehicle Speed

All the vehicles in the game had their speed, acceleration and rotation rates adjusted. This change helps improve the responsiveness of a number of vehicles and creates a differentiation between all vehicle classes.   

US Forces

VehicleSpeedRotation RateAccelerationDeceleration
4X4 Truck9.75708.7510
M29 Weasel8655.57
M3 Armored Personal Carrier7.2502.55
M16 Quad Half-track6.9502.55
M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriage6.9502.55
M8 Greyhound Armored Car6.75504.56
M24 Chaffee Light Tank6.5403.55.5
M8 Scott SPG6.75403.54.5
M31 Recovery Vehicle64535
M4A1 Sherman Medium Tank5.5352.34
M4A3 Sherman Bulldozer5.5342.34
M4A3 Sherman Easy 85.75362.54
M18 Hellcat6.6383.54.5

British Forces

VehicleSpeedRotation RateAccelerationDeceleration
Dingo Scout Car8.56078
CMP 15CWT Truck and variants7.55535.5
Humber Armored Car8.15057.1
Stuart Light Tank6.5453.754.5
Crusader AA Tank6.5353.54.4
Bishop SPG5.2301.83.1
Crusader II & III6.7383.754.8
M3 Grand Medium Tank5282.14
Matilda Heavy Tank3.85221.752
Churchill Heavy Tank3.5251.52
Churchill Black Prince Heavy Tank3251.51.5

Deutsches Afrikakorps*

VehicleSpeedRotation RateAccelerationDeceleration
Kradschutzen Motorcycle Team11.5751012
250 Light Carrier & Mortar variant7.35754.57.5
250/9 Halftrack (2cm autocannon)7.6754.57.5
Flakvierling halftrack6.9503.257.5
2.5 Tonne Trust & Medical variant7.4553.256
L6/70 Light Tank7.5504.257
8 Rad Armored Car6.755045.5
Marder III4.6282.254
254 Reconnaissance Tractor6.8402.64
Famo Recovery Halftrack6.3503.57
M13/40 Light Tank6.63535
Semovente 75/18 Assault Gun 6.53535
Panzer III & variants6.254034.5

*Refer to Wehrmacht for the unit speed for the StuG IIIs, Tiger, and Panzer IVs 


VehicleSpeedRotation RateAccelerationDeceleration
221 Armored Car8.45067
251 Half-tracks and variants7.2502.54
Marder III M4.6282.254
StugG II G & StugG III D5282.254
Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind5.75352.33.5
Panzer IV5.253223
Panzer IV Command Tank5.5342.53
Wespe SPG5.43023.5
Panther Heavy Tank5.2341.84
Tiger Heavy Tank3.8251.52



  • Adjusted the minimum and maximum depth craters can cause, reducing the chances of impassible areas being generated by overly large craters  
  • Updated a North African building (including sand-textured versions) to have a larger hit box, preventing units from clipping within the walls from the outside.   
  • Updated various Greek ruins that were not blocking most heavy and medium tanks. This enabled the vehicles to clip through walls they visually should not be able to. 

Twin Beaches  

  • Removed a hidden element beneath a small section of road, which was preventing the construction of defenses/mines.  

Queue flow  

  • Players will start loading into a match from the Quick Match lobby immediately after a match is found. This will shore up matchmaking quality while also mitigating the impact of players leaving the queues.   

Tactical Map & Minimap  


  • Minimap indicators for Airplane abilities now better match their location.  
  • Added hand-drawn, custom minimap images to all Multiplayer Maps. These custom images should improve clarity of major features on each map, including distinguishing buildings, roads and bridges from inaccessible areas. 
  • Added updated versions of all Italy and North Africa minimaps for Campaign missions, archetypes and skirmishes across the Italian Campaign and North African Operation. 

Tactical Map  

  • Increased size to match the full screen height.  
  • Improved visual appearance to match minimap art updates.  
  • Improved units' visual priority relative to each player, both on the tactical map and in-game: player units have higher priority, followed by enemy, then allied and finally neutral. This means that player owned units will have their shield decorators always appear on top of any other player.  
  • Improved unit selection on the tactical map: selection box creation is now possible on the entirety of the screen, and they now correctly include only units within them.  
  • Improved territory line resolution and added a blending effect to improve the overall quality and polish level.  
  • Selecting units garrisoned in buildings now correctly closes the Tactical Map.  
  • Removed squad Buff and Debuff icons, Control Groups, and Status Decorators from the Tactical Map to improve visual clarity. . Control Groups and Status Decorators will still be available on the minimap.  
  • Removed neutral vehicle wrecks health bars from being displayed on the tactical map.  


  • Construction will now begin before the unit’s tools are out. This should help with construction delays and improve the overall construction experience.  
  • Mobility pass on all vehicles.   
  • Reversing vehicles no longer stutter when blocked by enemy vehicles.   
  • Separated the rotation rate from the pivot rate. Tanks, light vehicles and ultra light vehicles have different turn plans meaning that vehicles will be able to do tighter turns.  
  • Vehicles get a flat increase in rotation rate of 10, excluding case mate vehicles.  
  • Vehicles will now start their movement with a base movement speed rather than slowly ramping up.  

Weapon Upgrades  

  • If a squad has picked up weapons and reached their squad capacity, their weapon upgrades will now be locked.   
  • If a squad has picked up only one weapon and performs a weapon upgrade, any upgrade that would grant two weapons now only grants one. It will cost half the munitions to perform the upgrade.    
  • If a squad of Afrikakorps Panzer Pioneers pick up an abandoned GRB-39 off the ground, they will unlock the smoke grenade ability, without having to purchase the GRB-39 upgrade.   
  • If a squad of Engineers with a stowed-away Minesweeper pick up enough weapons to reach maximum capacity, the ability to pull out your Minesweeper will no longer drop a Minesweeper on the ground. But since the squad's hands are full, you will not see a unit carrying the Minesweeper. Fret not, as the ability to find the mines will still be active, even with the invisible minesweeper. If in any further doubt, driving an M8 Greyhound over mines is the next most effective method of finding them.   
  • The GRB-39 weapon upgrades for both factions can now drop on the ground on squad death.   
  • The US barracks upgrade that grants Browning Automatic Rifles (BARs) to all Riflemen should no longer drop BARs at the foot of squads who are already at weapon capacity.  
  • Tweaked the MP44 upgrade for the Wehrmacht Stosstruppen so that it properly replaces the MG42 and G43 with four MP44s. 


  • Difficulties renamed to: Easy, Standard, Hard, Expert.   
  • Changed the default campaign difficulty from Easy to Standard  
  • General tool-tip fixes and improvements

Dynamic Italian Campaign  

With these changes, we're improving the Italian Campaign experience and adding a new layer of strategic play. We want Company selection to be a meaningful choice for players and the Campaign Map to be a driver of these choices.  

  • A Hold Position toggle has been added to Campaign Companies. When this is toggled on, the unit will not alert at the end of turn if it has not been moved. You may find this useful for defending a position.  
  • Added a short cut to End Turn.   
  • Added an Italian Campaign Gameplay Guide accessible from the campaign menu.   
  • Added option in Settings menu to fast forward the player and enemy turns in the Campaign Map.   
  • Added smoke and flare tutorials to Salerno.    
  • Battle difficulty can now be changed during a Campaign or Operation playthrough.    
  • Campaign paths show potential danger zones and attacks more clearly. Terrain info popup appears for all terrain types and shows exact move cost for current Company.   
  • Campaign skirmishes now provide bonus starting resources and pre-built base buildings based on player and enemy Company veterancy level.   
  • Capture shields on the campaign map are now also enabled for campaign towns with an active mission. These shields must be cleared to start the mission. The number of shields on towns across the map has been generally reduced.   
  • Changed the medium projectile type in Single Player to increase the initial speed from 0 to 35 meters per second. As result, many of the medium projectiles on units and off map abilities will come down faster and look more realistic as a result.    
  • Companies garrisoned in any Capture Point now heal every turn. Forward Headquarters upgrade has been removed.  
  • Companies now visually attack cities when attempting to capture them.   
  • Detachments have been removed as an upgrade option from Companies. Each company type now has inherent access to building one emplacement type.   
  • General text updates.    
  • The enemy now has a new Artillery company type.   
  • Improved visual feedback for pinned and suppressed units.   
  • Many new dialogue lines from Joe Conti and Captain MacKay were added throughout the missions.   
  • Most of the dialogue in the Italian Campaign Map is now skippable.    
  • Removed a population cap restriction that was resulting in making the AI less aggressive than intended.   
  • Removed supply visuals from the Campaign Map  
  • Improvements made to provide clear feedback to players when abilities buttons are active, in cooldown mode, and when they are passively active or inactive.    
  • Removed terrain cover as a combat value. Companies on roads no longer have a penalty.   
  • Shortened the time it takes for AI to use aircraft abilities on the Campaign Map.   
  • Skirmish combats have been added to the cities of Pomigliano, Naples, Altavilla, Spinazzola, Bari, Altamura, Lesina, Lecura, Gaeta, and Aquino.   
  • Supplies are now awarded every turn (from every 3 turns). Supply volume has been reduced to compensate.   
  • Swapped the strategic medical point for the default medical point in all missions. Medical stations will now exist on these points automatically, rather than needing to upgrade to them.  
  • The initial population cap for the player is increased from 25 to 35.   
  • Tuned Battleship Barrage visual radius and speed.  

Auto-Resolve Formula Update 

Our goal with this change is to bring damage and health values into easier interactions and remove some repetitive skirmish gameplay. Combats between Companies in the field are now automatically resolved, without an option to start a skirmish.  

  • Auto-resolve damage has been normalized into thresholds by degree of victory.   
  • Company Health, Unit Type, Company Veterancy, and nearby Affectors (emplacements, companies, abilities) have impact on the auto-resolve outcome.    
  • Companies now get a combat strength bonus based on their unit type.  
  • Artillery gets a bonus against Infantry  
  • Infantry gets a bonus against Armor  
  • Armor gets a bonus against Artillery 
  • Max health of all Companies has been reduced from 900-1000 to 100. Damage values have been adjusted to compensate.  

Foggia Airfield Mission  

Adjusted difficulty.  

  • Increased the population cap to 100.  
  • Reduced the veterancy and number of units in the base-attack groups, as well as the homing groups.   
  • Swapped the loiter for two of the strafes that are used on Easy and Normal.  
  • Reduced the veterancy and number of enemies in the final wave.


Medic Trait Changes  

  • Now reduces cost of Heal Target ability for the company  
  • Well-supplied and Bolstered Forces traits have been removed from Companies as they did not work with combat and Supply updates.  

New Traits  

  • Dug In - Damage taken when defending from auto-resolve reduced by 20%  
  • Hard Chargers - Damage taken from emplacements reduced by 33%  

Gela Tutorial  

Gela has been reworked from the ground up. Now a far more streamlined mission, the player will begin by assaulting a fortified beach before continuing on to capture the courtyard in the city. The Tutorial experience offers a new atmosphere, lighting, environment art, and intro cinematics.  

  • Joe Conti's letters cinematics have new voiceover dialogue.  
  • Now features a landing craft which delivers the introductory squad.  
  • The Base-building segment of Gela has been removed so a building construction tutorial has been added to the beginning of Salerno.  
  • Updated the Lighting and Atmosphere Transitions for all missions.  



  • Adjusted the health of bridges down between 20% and 50%, making them easier to destroy with artillery and airstrikes, and overall decreasing the time required to repair them.  
  • Changed vehicles to no longer auto attack targets while en route to execute an Ability command.  
  • Demolitions Package upgrade from the Infantry Support Center will now grant the same demo charge types to Riflemen, Engineers and Bazooka Teams.  
  • Frequency of special death criticals for vehicles has been adjusted. Turret ejection, out of control and brew-up deaths should occur much more often.   
  • Infantry units can now use grenades while inside smoke.  

Accuracy Changes   

We have standardized accuracy across the board for the various tank guns. We have noted that our tank guns were too accurate at maximum range. This resulted in situations where vehicles chasing at maximum range would often land their shots while on the move, more than intended. This change goes along with our fixes to projectile-based weapons. 

  • 76mm halftrack and 221 Panzerbüchse accuracy set 0.1/0.055/0.045    
  • Anti-armor vehicle accuracy set to 1/0.05/0.04   
  • Crusader II and III accuracy set to 0.1/0.05/0.04   
  • General medium, heavy and light tank accuracy set to 0.075/0.0475/0.035   
  • Hellcat, Marder III and variants accuracy set to 0.1/0.055/0.4   
  • Sherman 76mm accuracy set to 0.1/0.05/0.04



We have made significant changes to the balance of anti-air and airstrike abilities. In general, anti-air units will be significantly more effective at stopping airstrikes within their vicinity. Furthermore, anti-air can now engage planes beyond the protected border regions of the map, giving anti-air more time to respond.   

Most mobile anti-air units have been standardized to output similar damage to aircraft. The following units have been changed:  

  • CWT 15CMP AA Truck  
  • Crusader AA  
  • M16 Quad Halftrack  
  • Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind  
  • Flak 30 20mm AA Gun Team  
  • Flakvierling Halftrack

Airstrike Abilities have also been separated into general classes of durability. The list below goes from least durable to most durable:  

  • Strafing Runs (P-47 Strafing Run from the ASC, Luftwaffe Strafing Run)  
  • Close-in/Dive Bombs (P-47 Dive Bomb from the ASC, Fragmentation Bombs)  
  • Loiter (Hawker Typhoon Anti-tank loiter)  
  • Reconnaissance versions of Strafing, Dive Bombs, and Loiters (Recon Artillery, P-47 Reconnaissance Loiter)  
  • Heavy Bomber Runs (Carpet Bombing Run, Breakthrough Incendiary Bombing Run)

A single anti-air unit will be able to deny nearby Strafes, but multiple anti-air units are required to deny higher durability abilities. Two AA units will generally be able to lock down an area, while three will deny all but the Heavy Bomber Runs, which are designed to be largely unaffected by AA. Keep in mind this will have minor differences by map, direction of the airstrike, and when the anti-air unit faces its target.  

These relationships only matter when the anti-air is covering a specific area. While anti-air can cover a significant area, they have been tuned that additional anti-air units are required to cover the larger 4 vs 4 maps. This is something we’ll keep an eye on and rebalance in the future as necessary, but the intended goal is that airstrikes should be counterable even in smaller game modes such as 1 vs 1, but not to the point they become irrelevant in larger game modes where players can more easily specialize into airstrikes or anti-air.   

Camouflage Ambush Bonuses  

  • All infantry squads now use the same camouflage ambush bonus. +40% accuracy and +25% damage for 5 seconds when firing from camouflage.   

Casemate Tank Destroyers  

 Marders, StuG IIIs, Brummbars, Semovente, 75mm Halftrack Gun Motor Carriage  

  • Casemates will now center themselves when a target is outside its arc.  
  • Casemates gun now tracks their target without moving their hull.  
  • Casemates guns now traverse, target and fire within their arc without needing to be perfectly centered.  

Cover Combat  

  • The range where small-arms weapons ignore cover is increased from 7 to 10 meters  

Field Defenses 

Buildable defenses have been adjusted to be cheaper to construct, reflecting their base and opportunity cost. We have also added a new ability for all constructed garrisonable structures where infantry squads garrisoned in these structures will have higher offensive stats.  

The Wehrmacht Bunkers have also received several changes to their upgrades to better reflect their high upgrade cost and give them more flexibility when deployed forward in the field.  

  • Buildable defenses now crush most light cover map assets, such as crates or bushes, enabling easier placement in dense areas   
  • Buildable defenses now provide combat bonuses to infantry inside  
  • Units fighting from inside gain +25% accuracy and +30% rate of fire  

Fighting Position   

  • Fighting Position cost reduced from 150 manpower to 100 manpower  

Wehrmacht Bunkers  

  • Build-time increased to 35 seconds from 20   
  • Manpower cost reduced from 250 to 175   
  • Medical and Repair munitions cost reduced from 85 to 70   
  • Medical Bunkers can now retrieve casualties and grants free reinforcement; similar to the USF Medical Station  
  • Now allows 6 models to fire out from the front, 3-4 from the side, and 2 from the rear   
  • Repair Bunkers now repair structures and defenses; can repair themselves when out of combat  
  • Repair Bunker repair rate increased from 3.2 to 6  
  • Upgrade times standardized to 30 seconds

Wehrmacht Fighting Nest  

  • Goes neutral when ungarrisoned   
  • Manpower cost reduced from 100 to 50   
  • Now allows 6 models to fire out the front and side; 4 from the rear


The following change to grenades makes grenades lethal against all infantrymen in the game with greater damage in the center of the blast zone, but a higher damage drop-off around the edges. Previously, high health troops were able to stand on-top of a grenade and survive the explosion.   

  • 25% damage penalty against buildings   
  • Damage standardized across the board to 120  

Gammon and Bundle Grenades 

  • Area of effect damage set to 1/0.4/0.35   
  • Area of effect distance to 1/1.5/6 for Bundle Grenades, 1 / 2 /6 for Gammon Bombs   
  • Area of effect radius set to 5.5; Gammon Bomb remains at 6  
  • Damage reduced from 180 to 160   
  • No damage penalty against emplacements or buildings  

Regular Fragmentation Grenades 
US Forces and British Thrown Grenades   

  • Area of effect damage to 1/0.5/0.2   
  • Area of effect distance to 0.125/1/4.5   
  • Area of effect increased from 4 to 4.5   
  • Model damage limit set to 4   
  • Throw wind-up sped up from 0.875 to 0.675 

Rifle Grenades
Infantry Section and Pathfinder Grenades   

  • Area of effect damage to 1/0.5/0.3   
  • Area of effect distance to 0.125/1/4.5   
  • Model damage limit set to 4   

Stick Grenades
Axis Grenades (excluding bundles)   

  • Area of effect damage to 1/0.4/0.15   
  • Area of effect distance to 0.125/1/3.5   
  • Model damage limit set to 4   
  • Range increased from 20 to 23; Fallschirmjager can throw range at 25  
  • Throw wind-up sped up from 0.875 to 0.675 

Hazard Removal Package
US Forces, British Forces, and Wehrmacht  

  • Hazard Removal Package is now standardized across the board for all factions to increase the repair rate by 2.5 for a total of 10 health per second when repairing.  

Infantry-Based Timed and Passive Healing Abilities  

  • Squad based timed combat abilities such as sprints and passive squad healing abilities are now disabled when the unit is retreating.   

Indirect Fire 

We are strengthening the power of mortars by reducing their barrage recharge times, increasing their rate of fire when not barraging, and the number of entities they can damage. Auto-fire and barrage range have also been standardized, allowing mortars to cover their full range while the barrage is on recharge. Area of effect damage in the center of the blast has been reduced due to the increases in damage limits.  

Other artillery units have also been improved by increasing their model damage limits. Rocket Artillery has been tuned to be more threatening to vehicles willing to stay stationary within a barrage, making them more relevant with dealing with large concentrations of armor.   

Light Mortars 

  • Area of effect damage reduced from 0.6/0.3/0.1 to 0.4/0.25/0.2  
  • Auto-fire weapon cooldown reduced from 6/7 to 5   
  • Auto-fire range increased from 75 to 90   
  • Barrage range standardized to 90 for all mortars   
  • Barrage recharge times reduced from 30 to 20   
  • HE Barrage cooldown reduced from 0.75 to 0  
  • Model damage limit increased from 3 to 4   

Medium Artillery
Pack Howitzer, 4.2-Inch Mortar, Le.IG 18  

  • Barrage recharge times reduced from 30 to 20. 

Howitzer Emplacements
Obice 210, BL 5.5, M1A1 105mm Howitzer  

  • Cannot be built in the base sector; must be built outside the base sector in friendly territory  

Bishop, Wespe, Cannone da 105mm 

  • Model damage limit increased from 3 to 4   

BL 5.5 Inch Howitzer   

  • Model damage limit increased from 3 to 5   

Pack Howitzer, le.IG 18, 4.2 Heavy Mortar  

  • Model damage limit increased from 3 to 4   

Rocket Artillery   

  • Nebelwerfer now deals +100% damage and has +300% penetration against vehicles.   
  • Stuka Zu Fuss penetration against vehicles increased by +300%  

Medium Anti-Tank Guns - M1, 6-Pounder, Pak 40, Pak 38  

This change coincides with the responsiveness improvements for anti-tank guns regarding packing up which no logner forces the gun to slowly reset to neutral facing before being allowed to pack-up 

  • Increased the pack-up time from 1.3 to 1.75 seconds. 



Direct-fire projectiles such as direct-fire tank guns, anti-tank guns, autocannons, and flamethrowers were reviewed. These changes will increase the reliability of vehicles when firing over low obstacles and prevent exploits when firing through objects.  

  • All projectiles will immediately collide with obstacles when they miss their target and roll scatter.  
  • Projectiles will now use 3D paths to their targets. This prevents them from auto-colliding with low obstacles in their way such as mines and walls if the shooter would normally be able to fire over the obstacle.  


  • Repair abilities will now have increased speed when they are affected by modifiers. Bonuses will stack to grant faster repair speeds.   

Reveal Area  

  • Direct-fire units firing from the fog of war will no longer reveal the terrain they are on. This prevents these units from being targeted by certain off-map abilities.   


  • Build time decreased from 50 to 40 seconds.  
  • Camouflage when leaving cover increased from 1 to 4 seconds.  
  • Sight range increased from 35 to 40.

Strafing Runs
P47, JU-87s  

  • Suppression will now only be applied to units hit by the area of effect damage and not spread to units outside its radius.  


  • Units that are suppressed now take a +33% penalty to weapon scatter on missed hits. This change is meant to increase the chance of weapons such as grenade launchers no longer landing directly on their target when the unit wielding it is suppressed.   

Uncrewed Machine Guns and Mortars  

  • Target size increased from 1 to 20 to facilitate force-attacks on de-crewed weapons.  


  • Anti-tank Gun veterancy requirements reduced from 1300/3900/7800 to 1000/3000/6000  
  • Panzerpioneer and Royal Engineers veterancy requirements reduced from 800/2400/4800 to 700/2100/4200  
  • Walking Stuka Half-track and Sherman Whizbang veterancy requirements reduced from 1950/5850/11700 to 1500/4500/900

Off-map Artillery against Defenses and Buildings  

We have reduced the damage of certain off-maps against defenses, primarily against the Wehrmacht Bunker. The reason for this change is to allow Bunkers under the influence of either Bulwark or the Command Bunker aura to have a chance of surviving when undamaged, requiring a follow-up to destroy them. Regular bunkers will still be destroyed as normal by these off-maps.  

Note the P-47 Dive-Bomb requires the Double Sortie upgrade to destroy a bunker.  

  • Carpet Bombing +100% bonus damage against buildings removed   
  • Naval Bombardment now deals 25% less damage to buildings such as bunkers; does not affect emplacements.   
  • Off-Map airburst now has a -75% damage penalty against emplacements and bunkers  
  • P-47 Dive Bomb bonus damage against all buildings reduced from +100% to +40%  



¼-ton 4x4 Truck  

The 4x4 is having its Commander upgrade returned in a different form, giving the US Forces a more powerful reconnaissance unit in the mid-late game.  

  • Lethality for mid to far range increased by 10%   
  • Frontal armor decreased from 5 to 4.5.  
  • Moving weapon burst reduced from 100% to 75%.

New Upgrade – Scout Commander  

  • Allows the 4x4 to detect enemy units in the Fog of War up to range 90  
  • Costs 50 munitions   
  • Increases vision range of the unit by 10

75mm Halftrack Gun Motor Carriage 

We have made adjustments to the barrage to be more accurate and have increased range, allowing the 75mm Half-track to safely engage units like anti-tank guns and give the US Forces a light artillery unit. Reload times for the barrage have been increased to give players time to respond once the unit has begun firing in exchange for reliable accuracy.  

  • Manpower cost reduced from 320 to 280   
  • Range increased from 50 to 70   
  • Direct-fire range increased from 45 to 50   

Barrage Area of effect    

  • HE Barrage area of effect damage adjusted from 1/0.15/0.05 to 0.6/0.4/0.2   
  • HE Barrage area of effect penetration increased from 15/10/5 to 30/30/30  
  • HE Barrage damage increased from 110 to 120  
  • HE Barrage distance changed from 1/3/6 to 0/1.5/6   
  • HE Barrage reload time increased from 3/4 to 5  

Barrage Scatter   

  • Angle scatter reduced from 7 to 3.5   
  • Distance scatter max reduced from 8 to 5   
  • Distance Scatter offset from 1 to 0   

Air Support Center  

  • Damaged aircraft no longer increases the recharge time of Air Support Center abilities.   
  • Double Sortie fuel cost decreased from 50 to 40.   
  • Air Supply munitions cost reduction reduced from -33% to -20 munitions; applies to P-47 Dive Bomb and Strafing Run  
  • Air Supremacy cooldown bonus reduced from -50% to -30 seconds flat; applies to P-47 Strafing Run and Dive Bomb 
  • Ability reticules adjusted to be more representative of their area of effect.  
  • Air Supply cost increased from 100 manpower and 30 fuel to 150 manpower and 40 fuel.

Dive Bomb 

  • P-47 Dive bomb cost decreased from 90 to 70 munitions.   
  • P-47 Dive Bombs now deal +50% bonus damage to vehicles.    
  • P47 Dive Bomb area of effect reduced from 10 to 7.

Strafing Run 

  • P47 Air Support Center Strafing Run damage per shot reduced from 30 to 20  
  • P-47 Air Support Strafing Run Delay from 0 to 2  
  • P-47 Air Support Strafing Run area of effect can no longer miss in certain circumstances  
  • P-47 Air rate of Fire reduced decreased from 20 to 16  
  • P47 Strafe’s 2nd plane now arrives 2 seconds slower.  

Bazooka Team  

We have made the Bazooka Team’s launchers as effective as those carried by elite infantry due to their role as a dedicated anti-vehicle squad. The removal of Precision Shot was done to focus the unit’s role at fending off vehicles.  

  • Ready-aim time reduced from 1/1.25 to 0.5/1  
  • Removed Precision Shot; Satchel Charge ability moved from position 32 to 31 
  • Bazookas reload and wind down adjusted for a rate of fire increase from 4.75/5.5 to 3.5/4 seconds.  
  • Health increased from 90 to 95.  
  • Manpower cost reduced from 250 to 240.  
  • Reinforce cost increased from 22 to 24.  
  • Veterancy requirement reduced from 900/2700/5400 to 800/2400/4800.

Captain Retinue  

  • Now gains Shared Veterancy.  
  • Off-Map mortar barrage can now be used when suppressed.  


  • Engineer health increased from 80 to 85. This change does not impact health when upgraded to Assault Engineers.   
  • Veterancy requirement reduced from 750/1500/3000 to 600/1800/3600. 
  • Light it Up Veterancy ability  
  • Area increased from 5 to 6.  
  • Flamethrower damage increased from 5 to 8.  
  • No longer has a cooldown between bursts. 

Infantry Support Center 

  • Munitions Surplus no longer grants an ability recharge bonus.  
  • Survival Training now grants 25% faster recharge speed on infantry abilities.

M1 57mm AT Gun 

  • Armor-piercing round duration increased from 10 to 15   
  • Armor-piercing rounds now increases damage by +40; damage model increases from 160 to 200  

M1 81mm Mortar  

The Delayed Fuse ability is primarily meant to demolish emplacement bunkers. However, its current power allows it to devastate team weapons when abilities such as Airburst are meant to be the premiere anti-infantry ability of the mortar.  

  • Delayed Fuse Area of effect damage distances significantly reduced from 1/1.5/5 to 0/0.5/5.   
  • Delayed fuse mid-range damage reduced from 33% to 25%.    
  • Delayed fuse radius increased from 4 to 5 (to better match the effect).   
  • Delayed Fuse Shells cooldown between shots increased from 0.75 to 1.5 seconds.   
  • Delayed Fuse Timer from 1.25 to 3 and now properly displays a timer.  
  • Airburst area of effect far damage changed from 0.15 to 0.25   
  • Airburst area of effect near distance changed from 0 to 0.25   
  • Airburst Model damage limit increased from 4 to 5  

M3 Personnel Carrier 

  • 50cal accuracy increased from 0.3375/0.3375/0.15 to 0.4/0.388/0.173   

M1919 Machine Gun Team  

  • Manpower cost reduced from 240 to 220 

M24 Chaffee Light Tank 

  • Penetration reduced from 300/200/160 to 180/110/80.  
  • APCR Rounds munition cost reduced from 45 to 35.  
  • APCR Rounds penetration bonus reduced from +100% to +50%.  
  • Chaffee no longer does additional damage against friendly units.  

M3 Armored Personnel Carrier 

  • Fortify Position ability reduces ability recharge times for nearby units by 25%. 

M4A1 76mm Conversion Upgrade  

  • Fuel cost reduced from 50 to 40 fuel.  

M4A3 Sherman Bulldozer  

The Centaur, Dozer, and Brummbar are being adjusted to be even more potent against infantry due to their specialist role that are also effective at cracking defenses. We have also adjusted scatter so these units will overshoot their targets rather than undershoot, allowing for more scatter hits on stationary vehicles. 

  • Manpower cost reduced from 400 to 360   
  • Frontal Armor increased from 195 to 240.   
  • Population decreased from 14 to 12.   
  • Angle scatter reduced from 9 to 4   
  • Area of effect damage increased from 1/0.25/0.15 to 1/0.3/0.15  
  • Area of effect distance increased from 0/1/6 to 0/1.25/6  
  • Damage against bunkers and emplacements increased by 100%   
  • Distance scatter max reduced from 4 to 2.5  
  • Distance scatter offset increased from 0 to 1  
  • Distance scatter ratio from 1 to 0.1  
  • Model damage limit increased from 4 to 5 
  • Bunker-buster deals +100% bonus damage to emplacements.   

Canister Shot – M4A1 Shermans and M8 Greyhounds 

  • Canister Shot ability reworked to deal high damage against infantry in the open, but is less effective against units in cover. Deals 25% of its damage against units in garrison and heavy cover, 50% against units in light cover.  
  • Munitions cost reduced from 45 to 25.  
  • Greyhound canister area of effect model limit increases from 3 to 4.  
  • Sherman canister area of effect model limit increases from 3 to 5.  

M8 Greyhound Armored Car 

Having lower health than other light vehicles of its cost, we are giving players the option to increase survivability of their Greyhounds against autocannons and weaker anti-tank weapons by spending munitions. 

  • Area of effect damage changed from 1/0.3/0.15 to 0.75/0.4/0.4.  
  • Area of effect radius increased from 1.75 to 2. 
  • Area of Effect model cap increased from 0 to 3.  
  • Max scatter reduced from 4 to 3.  
  • Scatter offset set reduced from 0.33 to 0. 
  • The tracking speed of the turret increased by 33%.

New Upgrade: Side Skirts   

  • Cost 70 Munitions   
  • Increases health by 120  

M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer 

The Hellcat is having its reload time increased so units like the Panzer IV will slightly win in a head-on fight without maneuvering. Previous improvements to the units such as speed and accuracy have made the Hellcat too efficient when engaging more costly units head-on.  

  • Reload time increased from 3.75/4.25 to 4.5/4.75 


  • Manpower cost reduced from 160 to 150.  
  • Utility Package munitions cost reduced from 30 to 25.  
  • Veterancy requirements reduced from 750/2250/4500 to 500/1500/3000. 


  • Fire Superiority now reduces the squad’s speed by 33% when active.  
  • M1918 BAR penetration reduced from 2.5/2/1.75 to 1.75/1.5/1.33. 
  • M1 Garand cooldown modifier when in close quarters sped up from 0.2 to 0.15.    

Weapon Support Center  

  • Cost decreased from 120 manpower and 15 fuel to 100 manpower and 10 fuel. 

US Forces Battlegroups 

Airborne Battlegroup  

  • M1919A6s upgrade time reduced from 50 to 30 seconds. 

Airborne Reinforcement 

  • Munitions cost reduced from 150 to 120  
  • Now replenishes infantry significantly faster  
  • Plane heal reduced from 4000 to 2500

Carpet Bombing Run  

  • Now drops 2 additional bombs per bomber; bombs dropped now fill the entire reticule correctly.  

HMG Paradrop  

  • Manpower cost reduced from 240 to 220.  
  • Recharge time increased from 30 to 75 seconds.  

P-47 Rocket Strafe  

  • Damage to buildings reduced by 75%.  
  • Damaged against infantry reduced by 75%.  
  • Delay before the 2nd plane attacks increased from 1 to 2.  
  • Rocket count reduced from 6 to 5.  


  • ‘Cooked’ Frag Grenade fuse time decreased from 1.6 to 1.  
  • Bazooka reload and wind down adjusted for a rate of fire increase of 3.6/4.5 to 3.5/4 seconds.  
  • Population decreased from 10 to 9. 
  • Carbine short-range lethality increased by 8%.  
  • M1919A6 Light machine gun mid-far lethality increased by 15%.  
  • M1919A6s upgrade time reduced from 50 to 30 seconds.

Smoke Run 

  • Munitions cost reduced from 50 to 40 

Supply Drop  

  • Cost decreased from 150 to 125 manpower.  

Armored Battlegroup 

Fast Deploy  

  • Fast Deploy build speed bonus increased from +50% to +75% 

M31 Recovery Vehicle 

  • Fuel cost reduced from 45 to 30.  
  • Will now self-repair when out of combat.

M4A3 Sherman Easy 8  

  • Accuracy increased from 0.075/0.0563/0.045 to 0.1/0.0563/0.047.   
  • Area of effect mid-range decreased from 2 to 0.75.  
  • Area of effect model limit decreased from 4 to 3.  
  • Area of effect radius increased from 4 to 4.5.  
  • 76mm penetration reduced from 300/200/170 to 200/180/160.  
  • Arrives with a veterancy 1 Engineer squad; unit only becomes Assault Engineers if the Assault Engineer is unlocked.  
  • Command point requirement increased from 7 to 8.  
  • Cost increased from 600 manpower and 100 fuel to 650 manpower and 105 fuel.

 M8 Scott  

  • Auto-fire and barrage fire-aim time decreased from 1 to 0.5.   
  • Fuel cost decreased from 50 to 45.  
  • White Phosphorus Barrage direct damage reduced from 80 to 10.  
  • White Phosphorus Barrage now has a cost of 25 munitions.

Seek And Destroy 

  • Accuracy bonus increased from 25% to 35%.  
  • Capture bonus and received accuracy bonus while moving removed.  

War Machine 

  • Command Point cost reduced from 4 to 3   

Special Operations Battlegroup  

M29 Weasel 

  • Machine gun can no longer target aircraft.   

Flamethrower Engineer Weasel Replaced with Weasel Towing M1 Pack Howitzer  

Due to the limited use cases of the Weasel carrying Engineers, we have changed the ability to bring in a M1 Pack Howitzer, giving Special Operations access to early light artillery to pressure defensive positions.  

  • Costs 400 manpower   
  • Weasel arrives towing a Pack Howitzer, no longer arrives with an Engineer squad with a flamethrower.  

Off-map Smoke Barrage 

  • Munitions cost reduced from 40 to 35 

Raiding Flares  

  • Considerably reduced the ability delay.   
  • The ability will now correctly spawn a flare on the highlighted territories. 
  • Munitions cost reduced from 65 to 55

SSF Commandos  

  • SSF Commando health increased from 95 to 110. 
  • Bazooka reload and wind down adjusted for a rate of fire increase of 3.6/4.5 to 3.5/4 seconds.  
  • Population decreased from 10 to 9.  
  • Can now Prioritize Vehicles  


  • Rockets per barrage increased from 10 to 15  
  • Range increased from 70 to 85 
  • Rocket area of effect mid-range distance increased from 1.5 to 2  
  • Rocket area of effect far damage increased from 0.175 to 0.3  
  • Rockets now deal 50% deflection damage 
  • Damage to emplacements reduced by 25%.  
  • Veterancy requirements reduced from 1950/5850/11700 to 1500/4500/900 

Renamed ability: Long-range Barrage. Replaces Precision Barrage 

This ability has been changed from a short-range, high accuracy ability to a slow firing long-range ability that allows the Whizbangs to hit targets at much further distances. 

  • Long-Range Barrage range increased from 80 to 160.  
  • Long-Range Barrage range reload increased from 0.25 to 1.  
  • Long-Range Barrage rocket count increased from 10 to 15.


3-Inch Mortar Team 

  • Shells per HE barrage increased from 4 to 6  
  • Shells per HE barrage with Artillery Saturation increased from 7 to 8  

17-pounder Anti-tank Gun 

  • Weapon range increased from 70 to 80.  

Bishop Self-propelled Gun  

  • Barrage projectiles now ignores collisions up to 75% during its flight due to the Bishop’s low angle of fire.  
  • Now fires low angle shells to match the maximum elevation of its weapon.  

CMP 15 CWT Truck 

  • Veterancy 1 Improved Logisitic ability now shared between the standard CWT and the medical variant. 

Crusader MK III Cruiser Tank 

We have increased the scatter and lowered the area of effect damage of upgraded Crusaders to make Crusaders less effective against infantry at range. For its cost, the Crusader was too effective against infantry from long-range.  

  • 6-pounder angle scatter increased from 5 to 8.5  
  • 6-pounder area of effect near damage reduced from 1 to 0.833333  
  • 6-pounder distance scatter max increased from 3 to 5.5

CWT 15CMP Anti-Air Truck  

  • 20mm AA gun cost reduced from 75 to 60 munitions.  
  • Accuracy reduced from 0.8/0.625/0.6 to 0.6/0.5/0.4   
  • Area of effect damage set to 5.675 damage with no drop-off.  
  • Area of effect model damage limit set to 2. 
  • Horizontal traverse speed reduced from 160 to 100.    
  • Reload time increased from 1 to 2 seconds.  
  • Scatter ratio and offset reduced from 0.85/0.65 to 0.35/0.25   
  • Scatter reduced from 10 to 6.5  
  • Weapon cooldown reduced from 0.25 to 0.125 seconds.

Dingo Armored Car  

  • Machine gun can no longer target aircraft.   
  • Now gains shared experience.  

Foot Guards  

  • Bazooka reload and wind down adjusted for a rate of fire increase of 3.6/4.5 to 3.5/4 seconds.  

Infantry Section  

  • Bren Weapon lethality increased by 4-6%.  
  • Lee Enfield Lethality at all ranges increased by 3%.  
  • Population decreased from 8 to 7.   
  • Recce Package passive vision bonus reduced from 7.5 to 5. 
  • Boys AT Rifle No longer has a damage penalty against bunkers

Forward Observer Base Howitzer   

  • Fog of War scatter increased from 1.25 to 2.5.  
  • Ready-aim time reduced from 2 to 0.5.  
  • Rotation rate increased from 25 to 45.  
  • Scatter max decreased from 15 to 6.  
  • Forward Observer Barrage can now be used in the Fog of War for all units.

M3 Grant Medium Tank 

  • Coaxial machine gun now properly tracks targets. 
  • Penetration increased from 180/145/110 to 200/165/125  

M3 Stuart Light Tank  

  • Self-repair ability speed increased from 0.66 to 1.2.  
  • Stuart Utility package cost reduced from 60 to 40 munitions.  
  • Penetration reduced from 120/100/80 to 80/65/50   
  • Area of effect damage changed from 1/0.3/0.15 to 0.5/0.3/0.3.  
  • Area of effect damage distances changed from 0.44/0.875/1.31 to 0.375/0.375/2  
  • Moving scatter increased from 25% to 50%.  
  • Max scatter to 3.5.  
  • Scatter angle from 7.5 to 5.5.  
  • Scatter offset set to 0.125 to 0. 
  • Mark Target munitions cost increased from 25 to 45.  
  • Mark Target penetration bonus reduced from +50% to +25%.

Reconnaissance Scan  

  • Changed from a timed ability to a toggle ability.  
  • Remains active when the vehicle is moving.  
  • Movement speed reduced by 50% and disables weapons when active.

Mathilda Heavy Tank 

The penetration of the Matilda’s main gun is being reduced to be less effective against armored vehicles. We want to retain the Matilda’s high health and armor, but make the unit less effective at engaging heavier vehicles.  

  • 2-pounder penetration reduced from 100/85/70 to 90/70/55 

Training Center  

  • Now immediately available at the start of the game and does not need to be purchased.  
  • Training upgrade experience for infantry, team weapons, and light vehicles increased from 500 to 800.  
  • Training upgrade experience for medium and heavy vehicles increased from 500 to 1250.  

Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Team  

  • Mid and far range lethality increased by 5/7.5%. 
  • Focused Gunnery accuracy increased from 0.7/0.55/0.45 to 0.9/0.825/0.8   
  • Focused Gunnery Suppression reduced from 0.009 to 0.005

British Forces Battlegroups

Air and Sea Battlegroup  

Assault Flares  

  • Frontline sectors will be highlighted on the minimap and tactical map, and recon flares will be dropped to provide vision of the area.  
  • Rate of fire bonuses decreased from +50% to +25%


The Centaur, Dozer, and Brummbar are being adjusted to be even more potent against infantry due to their specialist role that are also effective at cracking defenses. We have also adjusted scatter so these units will overshoot their targets rather than undershoot, allowing for more scatter hits on stationary vehicles.  

  • Angle scatter reduced from 7 to 4   
  • Centaur area of effect damage increased from 1/0.25/2 to 1/0.275/0.275   
  • Damage against bunkers and emplacements increased by 100%   
  • Distance scatter max reduced from 4 to 2.5   
  • Distance scatter offset increased from 0 to 1   
  • Distance scatter ratio from 0 to 0.1   
  • Model damage limit increased from 4 to 5   
  • Penetration increased from 35 to 65  

Commandos - Both Variants  

Commandos are receiving minor passive healing, allowing for successive ambushes and granting Commandos greater flexibility when operating on their own.  

  • Commandos of both variants now heal when out of combat for 1.6 health per second 

Commando Squad 

  • ‘Cooked’ Mills Bomb fuse time decreased from 1.6 to 1.  
  • Commando Concealing Smoke now immediately breaks suppression and pinned status conditions

Commando LMG Section  

  • Now use unique Lee Enfields that have increased accuracy and damage over the standard Infantry Section at all ranges.  
  • +31% increased lethality at short-range, +34% at mid-range, +20% at long-range.  

Incendiary Bombing Run  

  • Now drops 2 additional bombs per bomber; bombs dropped will now fill the entire reticule correctly.  
  • Munitions cost increased from 110 to 150.  

Naval Blockade  

  • Command Point cost decreased from 2 to 1.  

Naval Bombardment  

  • Ability reworked to be significantly more lethal and reliable.   
  • Cost increased from 200 to 225  
  • Heavily increased the number of projectiles fired.    
  • Near AOE damage distance decreased from 4 to 2  
  • Reduced damage from 440 to 280  

Supply Surplus  

  • Now provides a 25% discount on built Resource caches to the player by Royal Engineers or those built directly on territory points.  
  • Field Infirmaries cost decreased from 200 manpower to 150.  
  • British Forward Medical Station can now be toggled on as a retreat point

British Armored Battlegroup  

Crusader AA 

  • Area of effect radius reduced from 2.5 to 2.  
  • Area of effect distances reduced from 0.75/1.5/2 to 0.33/1/1.75.

Designate Targets 

  • Designate Targets Command Point cost reduced from 4 to 2   

Forward Repair Assembly 

Due to the ready access of Royal Engineer Sections found in the battlegroup, we are increasing the repair rate of the Forward Assembly and allowing it to repair itself and friendly structures.  

  • Forward Repair Assembly repair speed increased from 3.2 health per second to 8 health per second.  
  • Now repair nearby structures and emplacements including itself.

Recon Artillery  

  • Now usable anywhere on the map except on HQ areas.  
  • Recon artillery airplane call-in now gives vision for artillery to be dropped on visible enemy units.  
  • Ability will now end if the recon airplane gets destroyed.  
  • Enemy units inside their HQ sectors will not be targeted by artillery, even if inside the ability area of effect.  
  • Munitions cost reduced from 180 to 150.  

Indian Artillery Battlegroup 

Airburst Artillery  

  • British Off-Map Airburst area of effect damage changed from 1/0.15/0.05 to 0.35/0.175/0.175  
  • British Off-Map Airburst area of effect distances changed from 3/5/10 to 0/2/3  
  • British Off-Map Airburst model damage limit changed from 3 to 4  
  • British Off-Map Airburst munitions cost increased from 90 to 110

BL 5.5 Inch Howitzer  

  • Health reduced from 800 to 480.  
  • Manpower cost increased from 320 to 400. 
  • Barrage recharge times reduced from 60 to 45. 
  • Command Point cost increased from 2 to 3. 

Off-Map Airburst Barrage 

  • Adjusted ability to be significantly more reliable.  
  • Reduced the ability effectiveness against neutral buildings  

Perimeter Monitor  

  • Perimeter Monitor will feature three separate artillery that will individually target any visible unit with heavy artillery, followed by a delay before new targets are acquired.   
  • Perimeter Monitor now shows area of effect on the covered sectors for both the minimap and tactical map. Sectors affected will be yellow to the player team and orange to the enemies.  

Volunteer Infantry 

  • Volunteer Infantry Command Point cost increased from 3 to 4 


8 Rad Armored Car  

  • Scatter angle and Scatter max increased from 2 to 3.5.   

  • Main gun Area of Effect model cap reduced from 3 to 2.  

  • Receives +50% damage bonus to its coaxial machine gun rather than +100% from Armored Support Battlegroup’s Superior Fire Drills   

250 Half-track  

  • Standard 250 Light Carrier Manpower cost reduced from 280 to 250.  

  • Front armor increased from 6 to 7.  

  • Veterancy Requirements reduced from 1200/3600/7200 to 600/1800/3600. 

  • Now gains shared veterancy. 

Mortar half-track 

  • Mortar half-track Incendiary Barrage area of effect damage reduced from 0.85/0.4/0.25 to 0.2/0.2/0.2 

  • Incendiary Mortar explosion damage set to 4 models maximum with no damage drop-off. 

250/9 20mm Half-track 

  • 20mm autocannon accuracy increased by 33% (0.224/0.192/0.176 to 0.3/0.25/0.23)  

  • 20mm area of effect now capped to 2 models.  

  • 20mm autocannon half-track coaxial machine gun accuracy reduced by 33% at all ranges (0.64/0.58/0.52 to 0.42/0.38/0.34)  

  • 20mm autocannon now deals area of effect damage in a radius of 1.25  

Advanced Optics 

  • Manpower cost reduced from 200 to 150.  

Advanced Repairs 

  • Advanced Repairs now requires the Light Support Kompanie. Previous Panzer Armee requirement removed. 

Armored Reserves  

  • Cost decreased from 200 manpower and 150 fuel to 100 manpower and 75 fuel.  

  • Requires only the Panzerarmee Kommand to be purchased.   

  • Tiger fuel cost increased from 180 fuel to 240 fuel.  

Assault Grenadiers  

  • Grenade Assault cost decreased from 45 to 35 munitions.  

  • Manpower cost reduced from 340 to 300. 

Combined Arms Ability  

  • Now triggers on the 250-mortar half-track, 254 Reconnaissance Tractor, and the Walking Stuka Halftrack  

  • Gives +15% speed to all Deutsche Afrikakorps infantry who have Combined Arms available.  

  • Panzergrenadier version no longer grants ability range bonuses and only provides +10% bonus to accuracy. Grants the same bonuses as the Combined Arms used by other infantry. 

Combat Half-Track 

  • Provides a flat 4 armor bonus to all facings to all affected units  

Famo Recovery Vehicle   

  • Fuel cost reduced from 40 to 30.  

Flak 36 Anti-Tank Gun Team  

  • Fire-aim time increased from 0.125 to 1.  

  • Ready-aim time from 0.125 to 0.25/5.  

  • Reload speed increased from 2.125 to 2.875/3.15 

  • Armor when decrewed reduced from 100 to 70; standardized with other team weapons  

Flakvierling Halftrack  

  • Weapon range increased from 40 to 45. 

  • Model damage limit reduced from 3 to 2  

  • Armor-piercing weapon penetration reduced from 32/30/28 to 30/27/25  

  • Armor-piercing weapon moving burst decreased from 0.75 to 0.5; matches the regular weapon  

Grenade package 

  • Grenade Package Removed. Panzergrenadiers now require either Fire Support Elements from the Light Support Kompanie or the Mechanized Kompanie to be constructed in order to access grenades. 

Light Support Kompanie 

  • Now has access to Panzerjaegar squads costing 275 manpower. 

Le.IG 18 Howitzer  

  • Barrage recharge times decreased from 30 to 20.    

Marder III Tank Destroyer 

  • Now has access to Smoke Canisters   

Panzer III L Medium Tank 

The Panzer III is gaining increased frontal armor to be able to withstand lighter AT weapons such as the Chaffee when being attacked head-on from distance.  

  • Frontal armor increased from 130 to 150  

  • Manpower cost reduced from 340 to 320 


Panzergrenadiers will now be more powerful without Combined Arms while retaining the same overall strength. This was to help address the significant difference in viability of the unit in small vs large games while still incentivizing Combined Arms play.  

  • LMG accuracy increased from 0.363/0.286/0.2332 to 0.396/0.312/0.2544.  

  • Rifle accuracy increased from 0.44/0.484/0.31 to 0.538/0.528/0.372. 

  • Kar98k cooldown multiplier at close range has been increased from 0.35 to 0.45. 

  • Grenade range increased from 16 to 20.   

Panzerjaeger Squad   

  • Health increased from 85 to 90.  

  • Reinforcement cost decreased from 28 to 26.  

  • Tear Gas Shot now requires Veterancy 1.  

  • Tear Gas Shot duration reduced from 10 to 3 seconds. 

StuG III (All Variants)  

  • Machine gun burst length duration multiplier from 1/0.95/0.7 to 1/0.8/0.6.  

  • Machine gun can no longer target aircraft.  

  • Machine gun far accuracy from 45% to 33%.  


  • Veterancy Requirement reduced from 1500/4500/9000 to 1000/3000/6000.  

  • Firing Positions range bonus increased from +15 to +20 range. 


  • S-Mines Launcher now deals significantly less damage to infantry but now will suppress and pin them.  

Veteran Leaders 

  • Manpower cost increased from 200 to 250.  

  • No longer automatically reinforces Panzergrenadier Squads upon completion. 

Walking Stuka Rocket Launcher  

  • Rockets now deal 40% deflection damage. 

  • Veterancy requirements reduced from 1950/5850/11700 to 1500/4500/900  

Deutsche Afkikakorps Battlegroups 

Armored Support Battlegroup  

Command Panzer IV 

  • Wehrmacht and Deutsche Afrikakorps Command Panzer IV now both share the ammo swap ability.  
  • AP rounds penetration increased from 90/75/65 to 90/85/75.  
  • AP rounds reload time decreased from 4.75/6.5 to 4/4.5 seconds.  
  • Area of effect distances changed from 0.25/1/4 to 0.25/0.25/4.  
  • HE angle scatter reduced from 12.5 to 7.  
  • HE round area of effect damage changed from 1/0.25/0.15 to 0.5/0.25/0.25.  
  • HE round area of effect radius increased from 4 to 5.  
  • HE round maximum damage cap from 3 to 4.  
  • HE round reload time reduced from 4.5/5 to 4/4.5.  
  • HE rounds now fire directly at targets.  
  • Movement scatter changed to match other tank guns.

Vehicle Awareness  

  • Command Point cost increased from 1 to 2. 
  • Range reduced from 160 to 60.

Italian Combined Arms Battlegroup  

Armored Support Stuka Anti-Tank Loiter 

  • Munitions cost increased from 180 to 200   

Artillery Cover  

  • Enemy units inside their HQ sectors will not be targeted by artillery, even if inside the ability area of effect.   
  • Radius increased considerably.   
  • The ability will feature three separate artillery that will individually target any visible infantry, team weapon and vehicle, dropping flares before each barrage.   
  • When the ability is used, it will now highlight the covered area and start looking for possible enemy targets.  

Bersaglieri Squad 

  • Reinforcement cost reduced from 28 to 26.  
  • Bersaglieri call-in ability recharge time increased from 60 to 75 seconds.  
  • Manpower cost reduced from 320 to 280. 
  • Population reduced from 8 to 7  
  • Urra duration increased from 5 to 10  

Breda Model 30 LMG 

  • Command point requirement reduced from 3 to 2.  
  • Weapon burst duration increased from 0.75/1.25 to 1/1.55.  
  • No longer grant 1 free LMG to Panzergrenadier and Bersaglieri squads.

Combined Arms Strafe 

  • Strafe damage increased from 10 to 30. Suppression removed. 
  • Bonus damage to vehicles decreased from +225% to +200%.  

Semovente 75/18 Assault Gun  

  • Barrage recharge time decreased from 90 to 45 seconds.  
  • Barrage reload decreased from 3.5/4 to 3 seconds.  
  • Ready-aim delay on HEAT Shell ability removed.  

Secure Location 

  • Now grants a +20% decapture bonus in addition to its capture bonus. 

Italian Infantry Battlegroup  

Booby Traps  

  • Increased health on the booby trap from 20 to 140.  
  • Now uses the demo charge model.  
  • Command Point requirement from 2 to 1.  
  • Booby Trap cost reduced from 55 to 45 munitions.  
  • Traps that detonate on a Victory or Territory point will increase the time it takes to capture the given point by +100% for 20 seconds. 

Cannone da 105/28 Howitzer   

  • Shells per barrage increased from 4 to 6. 
  • Barrage recharge times reduced from 60 to 45.   
  • Command Point requirement from 4 to 3.

Sound The Alarm 

  • Renamed Designate Defensive Line to Sound the Alarm.  
  • Munition cost reduced from 60 to 40.  
  • Now also makes squads 20% harder to hit when active in addition to other bonuses.  
  • Now plays an alarm effect on activation.  


  • Reinforcement cost reduced from 40 to 35.  
  • SMG moving burst increased from 35% to 100%. 
  • Armor increased from 1.25 to 1.5  
  • Can now fire their flamethrowers while moving

L6/40 Light Tank Combat Group 

  • Call-in cost increased from 450 manpower and 30 fuel to 475 manpower and 35 fuel.  
  • Health increased from 240 to 280.   
  • Now has medium crush.   
  • Penetration increased from 16/14/13 to 45/25/15.

New ability: Emergency Speeds. Replaces Italian Brotherhood 

  •  Increases speed by +50%, and has +25% acceleration while making the unit 25% harder to hit. Disables weapons while active.   

Obice 305mm Barrage  

  • Ability reworked to be significantly more reliable.  

Propaganda War  

  • Ability will now correctly work only on squads capable of retreating.   
  • Now fires 10 shells over a large area that cause suppression damage. Targets that are pinned will retreat if they are in the blast radius of propaganda shells. No longer causes units to immediately retreat if they are not pinned.

Registered Artillery  

  • Ability can now be cast on player owned Victory Points independently by the owner of the resource sector on which they are located.   
  • Shells will initially drop more scattered and in fewer number, increasing in number and accuracy over time.   
  • Updated projectiles Area of Effect profile to be more effective.  


221 Armored Car  

  • Machine gun mid-far lethality increased by 10%.  
  • Sight increased from 35 to 45.  
  • 20mm Panzerbusche now deals very limited area of effect damage; primarily to detonate objects like mines.   
  • The 221 Scout Car's White Phosphorus Round ability no longer overlaps with its Scout Awareness ability  
  • White Phosphorus Round is now available without veterancy for the Panzerbusche variant.  

251 Halftrack and Variants 

  • MG 42 weapon cooldown decreased from 1.5/2 to 0.75/1   

251 Strummel Conversion 

  • Auto-fire reload reduced from 5 to 4 seconds.  
  • Barrage recharge time standardized to 20 seconds.  
  • Barrage reload reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds.  
  • Barrage shell count increased from 4 to 6.  
  • Munitions upgrade cost reduced from 60 to 50 Munitions.

Armored Skirts 

  • Cost increased from 125 manpower and 25 fuel to 200 manpower and 45 fuel.  
  • Now provides +80 health to all affected vehicles and increases side armor of affected vehicle by 20%.

Flak 30 AA Gun Team 

  • Manpower cost decreased from 320 to 280. 
  • Build time reduced from 45 to 40.  
  • Crew health increased from 80 to 90.  
  • Penetration increased from 26/22/18 to 30/26/22.  
  • veterancy requirements reduced from 1300/3900/7800 to 1000/3000/6000. 
  • Area of Effect model  damage limited reduced from 3 to 2.  
  • Incremental accuracy bonus removed.

Flak 36 Anti-tank Emplacement  

  • Health increased from 800 to 1040.  

Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind  

  • Cost reduced from 320 manpower and 60 fuel to 300 manpower and 50 fuel. 
  • Reload speed decreased from 3.75/4.25 to 1.875/2.125.  

New ability: White Phosphorous Rounds. Replaces Tactical Advance 

  • White Phosphorous Rounds cause suppression and reduce a vehicle’s vision by 75% on hit for 5 seconds. Costs 30 munitions. Lasts 30 seconds. 


  • MP40 Submachine gun mid-range lethality decreased by -15%.  
  • MP40 Submachine gun near lethality decreased by 5%.  

Hull Down Ability 

  • Can no longer be activated in combat but will continue to remain active if started prior to entering combat; can still be deactivated in combat.  
  • Hulldown now provides +5 range, +5 sight, and speeds up reload times by 30% in addition to the current 25% damage reduction


  • Capture and de-capture bonus from reconnaissance package set to a flat +20% bonus.   
  • Reconnaissance Package munition cost reduced from 60 to 50. 
  • Panzerschreck ready-aim time reduced from 1.25/1.5 to 1/1.25  
  • Schreck long-range accuracy increased from 0.0375 to 0.04  
  • Scoped Rifles long-range accuracy increased from 0.65 to 0.695  

Kettenkrad Reconnaissance Vehicle  

  • Reconnaissance Scan changed from a timed ability to a toggle ability that remains active when moving.   
  • Speed reduced by 50%.  
  • Communication cable munitions cost reduced from 35 to 25.  
  • Communication cables now grants the Kettenkrad +33% capture and de-capture speed and grants +7 vision range to points captured by the Kettenkrad.  
  • Communications cable resource bonus removed.  
  • Communication Cables sight range now properly affects all resource points.   
  • Decapture rate from Communication Cables removed.  
  • No longer gains bonus sight range from veterancy. (Tooltip will be adjusted in a future update).

Marder M III  

  • Long-range accuracy from 0.045 to 0.04.   
  • Long-range accuracy reduced by 12%.  

MG 42  

The MG 42 is gaining increased accuracy, improving its damage output. We want the MG 42 to be a key unit of the Wehrmacht and one of their primary anti-infantry damage dealers.  

  • Incremental accuracy reduced from 1.25 to 1.17  
  • Weapon accuracy increased from 0.55/0.4/0.185 to 0.61/44/0.2135   
  • Suppression against suppressed targets from 0.5 to 0.35.   
  • Suppression applied to other squads increased from 88% to 93%.  


  • White Phosphorous rocket count increased from 5 to 6. 
  • Barrage range increased from 140 to 160  
  • Incendiary rocket area of effect explosion damage increased from 0.4/0.3/0.2 to 0.4/0.35/0.3  
  • Weapon health increased from 360 to 440      

Panzer Kommand 

  • Now requires either Panzergrenadier Kompanie of Luftwaffe Kompanie to be constructed 

Pionneer Squad 

  • Veterancy requirements reduced from 750/2250/4500 to 500/1500/3000. 
  • Weapon near cooldown decreased from 1.1 to 0.8  

Stoßtruppen Squad 

  • G43 accuracy increased from 0.7/0.67/0.64 to 0.77/0.74/0.704  
  • MG 42 accuracy increased from 0.48/0.47/0.44 to 0.528/0.517/0.484  
  • White Phosphorous Grenades now properly deal damage over time.

StuG III (All Variants)  

  • Machine Gun burst length reduced by 15% at mid and far.  
  • Machine Gun can no longer target aircraft.  
  • Machine Gun far accuracy reduced from 45% to 33%.  

StuG III G  

  • Point-blank Blast area of effect limit decreased from 4 to 3. 

Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar 

The Centaur, Dozer, and Brummbar are being adjusted to be even more potent against infantry due to their specialist role that are also effective at cracking defenses. We have also adjusted scatter so these units will overshoot their targets rather than undershoot, allowing for more scatter hits on stationary vehicles.  

  • Fuel cost reduced from 110 to 100   
  • Area of effect damage increased from 0.75/0.25/0.1 to 0.75/0.35/0.15   
  • Area of effect penetration increased from 20/20/20 to 70/70/70   
  • Deflection damage increased from 25% to 50%   
  • Distance scatter offset increased from 0 to 1   
  • Damage against bunkers and emplacements increased by 100%   

Wehrmacht Marder III M 

We have adjusted the Marder to be more effective when fighting from a defensive position, but at a higher fuel cost. The unit can now ‘deploy’ to increase its range and firepower at the cost of mobility.  

  • Cost adjusted from 280 manpower and 25 fuel to 240 manpower and 40 fuel  

New ability: Sight Main Gun. Replaces Hulldown  

  • Increases range by 10m and speeds up reload times by 20% when active. Removes ability to move. Can still rotate   

Wehrmacht Battlegroups 

Breakthrough Battlegroup  


  • Reload bonus increased from 35% to 40%.  
  • Speed bonuses and received accuracy bonus reduced from 50% to 35%.

Incendiary Bombing Run  

  • Munitions cost reduced from 120 to 100.  
  • Now arrives sooner and drops its bombs off sooner; it now takes 8-9 seconds for bombs to impact the target area. 

Panzer IV Command Tank 

  • AP rounds penetration increased from 90/75/65 to 90/85/75.  
  • AP rounds reload time decreased from 4.75/6.5 to 4/4.5 seconds.  
  • AP Round area of effect distances changed from 0.25/1/4 to 0.25/0.25/4.  
  • HE angle scatter reduced from 12.5 to 7.  
  • HE round area of effect damage changed from 1/0.25/0.15 to 0.5/0.25/0.25.   
  • HE round area of effect radius increased from 4 to 5.  
  • HE round area of effect mode limit increased from 3 to 4.  
  • HE round reload time reduced from 4.5/5 to 4/4.5.  
  • HE rounds now fire directly at targets.  
  • Movement scatter changed to match other tank guns.

Rapid Production 

  • Rapid Production build time bonus increased from 50% to 75%   

Luftwaffe Battlegroup  

20mm Flack Emplacement 

  • 20mm Flak Emplacement build Time reduced from 45 to 40 seconds  
  • 20mm Flak Emplacement cost reduced from 250 manpower and 35 fuel to 200 manpower and 25 fuel  
  • Pioneers can now construct the 20mm Flak Emplacement

88mm Anti-tank Emplacement 

  • 88mm Anti-Tank Emplacement CP cost reduced from 3 to 2  
  • 88mm Emplacement Anti-air range modifier reduced from 10 to 6  
  • All 88mm Flak damage against aircraft increased from 240 to 600   
  • Updated text for Luftwaffee Fallschirmpioneers to tell players about the Flak unlock


  • Build menu standardized with Pioneer squads; still has access to the Luftwaffe Relay 

Luftwaffe Strafing Run 

  • Command Point cost decreased from 2 to 1. 
  • Cost reduced from 75 to 50 munitions. 
  • Recharge time increased from 60 to 90 seconds  

Fragmentation Bombs  

  • Recharge time increased from 60 to 120 seconds 

Mechanized Battlegroup 

Mechanized 8Rad   

  • Signal Detection veterancy ability replaced with Deutsche Afrika Korps 8-rad Commander Mode ability. 

Panther Heavy Tank 

  • Tactical Advance replaced with Tank Hunter.  
  • Tank Hunter is a Passive Ability that causes target vehicles hit by the Panther to be 25% easier to hit for 8 seconds. The affected unit will also be revealed, even in the fog of war for the entire duration.

Stoßtruppen StG 44 Ambush Package 

  • Ambush Package munitions cost reduced from 75 to 30  
  • StG 44 damage increased from 5 to 5.5   
  • StG 44 Assault Rifle accuracy increase from 0.59/0.47/0.29 to 0.72/0.55/0.4  
  • StG 44 burst duration increase from 1.25/0.75/0.25 to 1.25/1/0.45  

Stug Assault Group 

  • Stug D Assault Group manpower cost increased from 600 to 650  
  • StuG D Assault Group now comes with a Stosstruppen Squad  
  • StuG D Hulldown removed

Wespe Self-Propelled Artillery 

  • Wespe CP cost reduced from 4 to 3 
  • Barrage ready-aim time from 2 to 0.125   
  • Cost reduced from 400 manpower and 80 fuel to 320 manpower and 60 fuel.  
  • Creeping Barrage range changed from 150 to 180; matches standard barrages.  
  • Creeping Barrage recharge time from 70 to 55.  
  • Fixed several issues where the Creeping Barrage damage was different from the regular barrage.

Zeroing Artillery Barrage 

  • Shells will initially drop more scattered and in fewer number, increasing in number and accuracy over time. 



  • Large explosions are now more likely to rend infantry and small explosions are more likely to create ragdolls.   
  • Churchill Black Prince's right-side treads are now playing the correct animation.    
  • Deutsches Afrikakorps Tank Traps now use the same model and stats as the Wehrmacht version.    
  • Five pounder crew no longer t-poses when aiming at extreme angles.   
  • Fixed an animation issue when infantry entered the Deutsches Afrikakorps 2.5-Tonne Medical Truck.   
  • Fixed an issue where the infantry were incorrectly positioned inside the Deutsches Afrikakorps 250 Light Carrier.   
  • Fixed numerous issues with floating objects when destroyed.   
  • Fixed the Wehrmacht Command Panzer IV coaxial Machine Gun visual effects not being hooked up correctly.    
  • Heavy Mortar Teams animations now sync up to the barrage timing.    
  • Improved Half-track animations and soldier positioning.   
  • Improved idle and driving poses on the Kettenkrad crew.  
  • Improved missing terrain details.  
  • Improved the visibility of visual effects when points are captured.   
  • Increased Tanks/Vehicles particle visual effects when an engine is critically hit.    
  • Reduced camera clipping through the terrain on several maps.   
  • Reduced cloud density to improve visuals on the Foggia map.   
  • Resource cache improvements now properly play construction animation.   
  • Corrected some of the wrong pintle mounted weapons.  
  • The pivot animations of loader and gunner are now matching the tracking fire angle.   
  • US Hellcat tarps will now match their cosmetic themes.   
  • Weapons will no longer float when the unit is hit by explosive type weapons. 
  • Fixed an issue where the territory and map borders would flicker on the Ruins single player map.  
  • Wall sections should no longer remain visible once destroyed. 
  • Changed the way weapon swap animations are played so they are now layered as upper-body animation. Mechanically that means that when a unit upgrades to a new weapon (such as the BAR) or when a unit changes weapons (such as mine sweeper for engineers), they no longer stop in their tracks and get separated from the rest of the squad.    
  • Fixed a T Pose when units embark into the Deutsche Afrikakorps 205 Light Carrier.   
  • Fixed hit reaction animations when infantry is dropped to prone from explosions (grenades, mortar, etc.). These animations should now quickly end when the squad is issued a command, instead of keeping the unit locked down for the full length of the animation (It was never the intention for hit reaction animations to lock down units in place).  
  • Fixed a problem where squads would lose the player's requested unload destination if the player issued a second order while the squad was in the process of unloading. The vehicle will now properly acknowledge the new destination and navigate accordingly. Soldiers will now also respond to the unload more quickly and will exit the hold more seamlessly.  
  • Modified the Weapon Swap to use an upper body animation layer. This should mean kneeling units to no longer stand up when ordered to change weapons or tools.  
  • Removed most pivots from infantry to increase infantry responsiveness.    
  • There should be no more popping before and after throwing a grenade. Entities should now be using the aim animation while rotating to the ability location.   
  • Adjusted the behaviour of infantry entering cover while engaged in combat. Infantry will now avoid sliding into cover (and instead opt to stay standing and shooting) if they are in the middle of aiming. However, the unit will still do the slide into cover animation if they aren't aiming - which might happen depending on a number of factors, such as the weapon type, range, wind down period etc.   
  • British Forces infantry section upgraded with Recce Package no longer throw their rifles when throwing grenades.   
  • Corpses no longer have shiny surfacing. The materials on the corpses match the playable units.  
  • Engineers no longer get stuck in a running loop when attempting to repair bridges.   
  • Grenadiers' uniform trousers color updated to be historically authentic.  
  • Fixed a case where infantry can get stuck in a shuffling loop near their destination.  
  • Fixed an issue where items attached to the US Forces Sherman 76mm cannon were propping into odd positions when using abilities   
  • Fixed an issue with the Cupola hatch being closed on the Churchill commander when in an idle state   
  • Fixed an issue with the US Forces Sherman 76mm cannon upgrade not receiving the US Night Fighters cosmetic   
  • Fixed the British Forces HMG crew t-posing after being paradropped   
  • Fixed the MG 15 gunner animation looping when in cover.   
  • Improved the destruction state of barbed wire fences (notably those used on Monte Cavo) to reduce their “floating” appearance  
  • Improved visual appearance of Campaign map British Carrier.   
  • Reinforced barbed wire now has the correct animation  
  • Ships now face the right way on the Campaign map.   
  • Suppressed units in cover now go prone to visually communicate the squad is suppressed.  
  • The Afrikakorps Bersaglieri squad no longer yeet their Breda machine gun alongside the grenade when using the grenade throw ability.   
  • The flag on the German Command Bunker now uses team color.  
  • The rubble created by the US Carpet Bombing run on Pachino Stalemate no longer flickers.   
  • Units building barbed wire now have the correct animation   
  • Using High Explosive Barrage or Target Weakest Point ability for US Forces M3 halftrack no longer causes the added cosmetic on the gun to revert to the default materials.   
  • Units no longer have issues reaching the Wehrmacht Fighting Nest cover and firing positions. 
  • British Air and Sea company has new icons.   
  • Fixed an issue where the heavy mortar would animate slower when auto-firing shells.  
  • Beretta M38 has muzzle visual effects when shooting.  
  • Improved the consistency of vaulting over objects. 
  • Fixed a lighting issue on Monte Cavo 4v4 map that caused certain vehicle cosmetics to glow.    


  • Added Barb Wire cut sounds effects.   
  • Added Naval Blockade siren sounds effects.  
  • Added Propaganda bomb sound effects.  
  • Added sound effects to Custom Game context menus.   
  • Fixed Navy Bombardment sounds effects to adjust with volume settings.   
  • Updated audio treatment for the War Cry ability; the sound effect can now be heard by all factions when active. 
  • Added ambient combat sound effect track in the Main Menu.   
  • Fixed several units that were not calling out their first engagements – this was causing units to enter combat for the first time without warning   
  • Fixed Stg 44 weapon echo and length    
  • Fixed the Breda Model 30 weapon audio from firing for too long   
  • Fixed the Fallschirmjager weapon echo.   
  • Fixed the Paratrooper Bazooka Battle Chatter.   
  • Intel Voice Over now has radio effect Tuning Intel frequency. 
  • Fixed cases where the Intel did not notify the player when a unit is lost in combat.  
  • Improved the audio of ships engaging in combat in the Italian Dynamic Campaign.  


  • Adjusted collisions so buildings cannot be built too close to rocks.   
  • Adjusted resource points and Heavy Machine Gun Base Bunkers on skirmish maps so that units capturing the point do not get shot at.   
  • Airborne Company Heavy Machine Gun Paradrop ability can now be used in the Fog of War.   
  • Brummbar sight decreased from 50 to 35 as intended.   
  • Certain variants of the CWT truck no longer fall through bridges as if the bridges weren't there.   
  • Cleared rubble from various building entrances on (6) Mignano Summit to enable better access and reduce pathfinding issues.   
  • CMP 15cwt Anti-Air Trucks can now Prioritize Aircraft.   
  • Evaluated Italian buildings to ensure they hold an appropriate number of squads.   
  • Fixed ability cancellation timing exploit that allowed the first shot of an ability to still go off, even after both the ability cost and recharge have been refunded.   
  • Fixed an issue where Deutsches Afrikakorps reinforcing the 88 used a different crew rather than those found upon the unit spawning.   
  • Fixed an issue where 2.5-tonne Utility Trucks did not have a veterancy ability; they now use the Field Supplies ability found on the medical variant.   
  • Fixed an issue where builder units would run on the spot and not complete construction.    
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling the Destroy Obstacles ability would cause the ability to go on cooldown.   
  • Fixed an issue where certain units could cause their primary weapon to permanently swap to a barrage weapon.   
  • Fixed an issue where Engineers that were affected by the Assault Engineer upgrade would not get extra health.  
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerjager Squads did not have the Prioritize Vehicle ability.    
  • Fixed an issue where paratroops would freeze in midair when reacting to explosions.   
  • Fixed an issue where Pioneers did not get their construction bonuses from veterancy.   
  • Fixed an issue where Precision Shot and Precision Barrage were affected by Indian Artillery's Artillery Saturation ability.   
  • Fixed an issue where Sherman Dozer Delayed Fuze did not have a delay before detonating.   
  • Fixed an issue where Smoke Canisters on the Stuka could trigger the cooldown on the unit's barrages.    
  • Fixed an issue where specific non-garrisonable structures stated they could be garrisoned.   
  • Fixed an issue where Stosstruppen Shock Assault bonuses did not stack with other modifiers such as veterancy.  
  • Fixed an issue where team weapons could get destroyed when receiving explosive damage in a structure.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Deutsches Afrikakorps Flak 88 could only be reinforced up to a maximum of 4 models rather than 6 after being recrewed.   
  • Fixed an issue where the 254 Reconnaissance Tractor was not affected by Emergency Repair Kits.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Bazooka team's White Phosphorous rocket would refund its cost.   
  • Fixed an issue where the M1 Anti-Tank Gun and Pak 38 needed to accelerate and decelerate like a vehicle.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Mortar Half-tracks Smoke Barrage and Self-Repair abilities overlapped.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Pathfinder Icon was used on the Recon Group for the M8 Scott's upgrade path, not the Scout Icon.    
  • Fixed an issue where the Received Accuracy bonus from the Training Center would not apply to reinforced infantry entities.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Scout Squad's utility package used a different icon in the build queue.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Semovente HEAT Shell could create an invisible smoke cloud.   
  • Fixed an issue where the StuG D could not rotate when using the Firing Positions ability. 
  • Fixed an issue where the White Phosphorous Rocket could instantly destroy destructible objects like bridges.    
  • Fixed an issue where there was no requirement text for paradrop abilities when attempting to paradrop units over unsuitable terrain.   
  • Fixed an issue where there was no UI reticle when deploying M31 Recovery Vehicles or the Mechanized Assault Group from the German Breakthrough Battlegroup.   
  • Fixed an issue where units cannot vault after picking up a team weapon.   
  • Fixed an issue which allowed mortar barrage abilities to be used while pinned.   
  • Fixed collision on wooden fences to prevent units from clipping through them.   
  • Fixed inconsistent setup time for mortar crews.   
  • Fixed an issue that would cause mortar crews to sometimes get stuck on setup.   
  • Fixed player not losing the capture point when choosing to retreat from the battle.   
  • Grenadier Med Kit regeneration set to restore 8 HP per second for 10 seconds during its duration.   
  • Guastatori can now build resource caches.   
  • Hellcat now uses a direct-fire line rather than an arcing projectile.  
  • Improved pathfinding to allow infantry units to use the stairs behind hospitals.   
  • Increased speed of Stuka bomb, fixed lingering bomb visual effects trail, and increased ground crater.   
  • Improved the A.I.'s early game capture point order when on a team. Bugs were causing the A.I. to excessively prioritize VPs and fuel at the start of the game, these have been fixed.  
  • The A.I.'s preference for capture points that are closer to its base than its teammates' bases has been increased.   
  • Fixed an issue where the A.I. would sometimes send 2 squads to capture a single safe neutral point early in the game. They will now only send 1 squad for safe early game captures.   
  • Issuing multiple repair commands on the same target will no longer restart the repair.   
  • M1 Anti-Tank Gun Focused Sight ability now has a 10 second delay between toggling the ability on and off.   
  • M3 Grant Medium Tank Prioritize Vehicle ability now functions correctly.   
  • Pack Howitzer smoke barrage no longer shares a cooldown with other barrages.   
  • Semovente now properly gains reload bonuses for veterancy.  
  • Smoke clouds deployed by a player no longer trigger mines.   
  • Team weapons no longer tear down when pinned.   
  • Text for the Crusader's Heroic Charge is now standardized between when the ability is triggered and it's passive.   
  • The Deutsches Afrikakorps's Flak 88 Truck and the British 17 Pounder trucks give consistent population that matches their cost, once acquiring and upon death.   
  • The A.I. is no longer capable of ignoring the boundary lines of the skirmish map to move their units outside of the playable space.   
  • Units should no longer get stuck when retreating from Passenger Train Cars.   
  • Units should now be easier to select with and without box selection.   
  • Updated HQ bunkers to prevent enemy access without drawing fire.    
  • Using Smoke canisters while Point-blank ability is active shouldn't result in infinite grenades anymore. 
  • Units with no AA capabilities no longer acquire airplanes as targets.   
  • Engineering units no longer take extra damage when repairing at veterancy 3 as intended.   
  • Fixed an issue where Compromise Armor did not properly apply to targets.   
  • Fixed an issue where some Bombing Runs preview reticle was inaccurate.   
  • Fixed an issue where the MG34 got a speed boost when using Fire Discipline ability.  
  • Fixed a text error that stated certain munitions crates granted 60 munitions when they only granted 40.   
  • Moved base bunkers to remove the ability to shoot resource points on some maps.  
  • Burst fire weapons no longer interrupt the current burst if the target is out of fire-cone angles.  
  • MG34 Fire Discipline and Vickers Plunging Fire abilities can now be used in garrisons.  
  • Team Weapons and Emplacements will now grant shared experience to units that can receive it.  
  • CWT 15CMP Anti-Air truck now properly deals area of effect damage in a radius of 3.    
  • Fixed an issue where the 8 Rad, 250/9 Halftrack, and Crusader AA were firing their autocannons faster than intended.  
  • Improved the hitbox of dropped weapons to make it easier to pick them up.   
  • Adjusted selection box from 1 to 2.5 on the German LG40 Recoilless Gun.  
  • Fixed the LG40 Recoilless Gun to properly camouflage when its Veterancy 1 ability is used.  
  • Removed the wrong decorator from the tactical map for the LG40. 
  • Anti-Air units can now target airplanes outside the playable area.       
  • Artillery should now fire with a 20 second cooldown that is surfaced through a decorator It should respect having vision on the enemy unit.     
  • Breach now forces retreat of garrisoned units.      
  • Burst weapons will no longer keep firing if the target ducks behind a shot blocker.    
  • Clarified the meaning of “resource lost” stats with tool tips. This means the resource value of units lost in combat.   
  • Fallschirmpioneers now have access to wire cutters from the start of the game.    
  • Fixed damage over time damage not awarding veterancy and kills to the damage originator.    
  • Fixed HMG redeploying when switching targets in arc.    
  • Fixed a bug where the Panzerjaeger squad was unable to fire Anti-Tank Tear Gas round if the remaining squad members didn't have Panzerbuchse 39 equipped.    
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for a unit who was repeatedly given the Stop command to completely lose the ability to attack. This was unintentional, and now units told to stop while they're already stopped will no longer cause them to stop attacking. This bug affected infantry, vehicles and structures alike (defensive positions, etc.).   
  • Fixed a missing UI text string on the Salvage Crew ability for the M3 Armored Personnel Carrier when used on friendly or hostile units .  
  • Fixed a tool-tip issue with the Bishop's direct-fire ability.  
  • Fixed an issue where certain call-in units could not be deployed due to incorrect population requirements.  
  • Fixed an issue where certain units could double shot projectiles. Shermans, Brummbars, and Greyhounds now need to cycle a reload sequence if they fired a shell before using WP, Bunker Buster or Smoke shot.    
  • Fixed an issue where Deutsches Afrikakorps Schu Mines and Teller mines would not cancel construction if the builder was given another order before construction begun.   
  • Fixed an issue where Flak emplacements would not be cancelled if the engineer was given a build other before they reached the construction site.   
  • Fixed an issue where Wehrmacht bombers used the incorrect model during the Montella mission.   
  • Fixed an issue where Tear Gas would not disable an indicator over the target.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Crusader had further sight than intended.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Hellcat and M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriage First-Strike Veterancy bonus failed to work correctly.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Stosstruppen Red Phosphorous Grenade would not continue to deal damage after detonation.    
  • Fixed British Forces Supply Surplus Cache and Infirmary upgrades being able to be built on top of existing Supply Caches.    
  • Fixed invalid target requirement text for the Sherman's White Phosphorus Shell.  
  • Fixed M1 Anti-Tank Gun continuing to fire while Brace ability was active.    
  • Fixed M1 Anti-Tank Gun not firing after Brace ability ends.    
  • Fixed missing UI requirements for the Captain's 'Rally to Me' ability.  
  • Fixed players appearing on the wrong team after a skirmish restart.    
  • Fixed Recover Wrecked Vehicle ability range for recovery vehicles.    
  • Fixing a programming glitch that caused repeatedly giving the Attack move order to prevent a unit from moving. Repeatedly giving Attack Move orders now behaves smoothly, similar to how repeatedly giving the Move order does.    
  • Improved weapon range visualization to account for shooter size.    
  • L6/40 Combat Group should now properly be 10 population instead of 12.  
  • Mortars and HMG's should now have their abilities cancelled when pinned.      
  • Pathfinding tuning on Deutsche Afrikakorps recovery now matches the US recovery vehicle.   
  • Setup HMG teams will no longer become stuck if given a reface order in place.    
  • Smoke Canisters should no longer break functionality on the creeping barrage ability.   
  • Team weapons no longer change targets when already engaged via an attack move order.    
  • The Focus Next Infantry command now cycles through units properly, skipping over retreating units.   
  • Unit Efficency has been changed to Efficiency Factor, which is now a ratio like 1.5, rather than 150%. Efficiency Factor means the amount of resource damage dealt to enemies, divided by the cost of units produced. There are now tooltips to explaining this.   
  • Beyond the meaning of Unit Efficiency being unclear, there were also errors in the calculation of efficiency which have been fixed. (Average) efficiency was displaying a total instead of an average. Additionally, the total damage dealt had been including friendly fire and environmental damage.  
  • Updated a large number of tooltips in-game to display numerical values for bonuses of many upgrades and abilities.  
  • Updated the VFX on On Map Communication Pings for the Attack, Defend and Look Here pings. Added a new VFX beam to make pings more visible when used on tall assets like buildings or when placed behind trees and bushes.  
  • You will now receive a specific message in the left-hand-side event queue if one of your units takes a hit from a sniper.   
  • Fix wrecks staying attached to recovery vehicles when issued move command. 
  • 250 Halftrack - Heal ability is no longer hidden under the Smoke Dischargers ability.   
  • Axis Loiters now have their health at their correct value of 1800 instead of 280.   
  • Axis Tigers Veterancy requirements now require 25% more XP to level
    (from 2200/6600/13200 -> 2750/8250/16500).  
  • Fixed an issue where "Framerate Limit" was locked to 30 FPS on machines where lower CPU specifications or hardware were detected 
  • Dingo can now fire on the move.  
  • Fixed British Supply Surplus Cache and Infirmary upgrades being able to be built on top of existing Supply Caches.  
  • Fixed an issue where the StuG D's veterancy requirement was not set properly to 1000/3000/6000.  
  • Fixed M29 Weasel's Signal Layer ability not giving bonus resources.  
  • Using Focused Gunnery with the Vickers HMG no longer prevents group / band-box selection. 
  • Adjusted the recoil and reset time on all vehicles when firing their main guns to reduce wobble.    
  • British Forces Dingo can no longer go through tank traps, dragon teeth and areas designed only for infantry to go through.   
  • Emplacements will now properly update their visuals when repaired after a decrewed state   
  • Engineer Light it Up now properly displays a timer over the unit when active.   
  • Fighting nests will no longer go back to full HP when crewed    
  • Fixed a bug that allowed squads to purchase more than one weapon upgrade.    
  • Fixed a case where engineers ignore the second queued action after finishing a build order    
  • Fixed Afrikakorps L6/40 Smoke Canister not working while Emergency Overdrive ability was active.   
  • Fixed an issue in which the Werhmacht Flak38 would become invisible when de-crewed.   
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Panzergrenadier squad to display the "+" icon next to their weapon after picking a single weapon, giving the impression the squad somehow already had 2 special weapons.   
  • Fixed an issue where Emergency Repair Kits image was incorrect in the production queue.   
  • Fixed an issue where garrisoned units become trapped on unload.   
  • Fixed an issue where Mechanized Assault did not apply to newly constructed vehicles while the ability was active    
  • Fixed an issue where recrew team weapon ability could be used on emplacements that were under construction.   
  • Fixed an issue where reinforcements for the Wehrmacht Stosstruppen would not always get the upgraded Submachine gun.   
  • Fixed an issue where resource caches constructed by Supply Surplus did not use the same icon as the British resource caches.   
  • Fixed an issue where Resource Caches under Supply Surplus did not properly show their correct value and flickered between 150 and 200 manpower.   
  • Fixed an issue where Sherman 76mm tanks would occasionally be recovered as 75mm tanks.   
  • Fixed an issue where smoke canisters did not function on the Afrikakorps recovery vehicle.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Armored Battlegroup's Field Repair ability was different for the ability and the Battlegroup command card.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Kradschutzen did not get the self-repair benefit of Emergency Repair Kits.   
  • Fixed an issue where the name of certain structures would not appear in the Building Shortcut tab.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Panther Tank Hunter ability did not apply correctly onto vehicles hit.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Tommy weapon would become invisible after using the rifle grenade ability.   
  • Fixed an issue where the training center text was in the incorrect location for the Team Weapon Training upgrade   
  • Fixed an issue where the Valentine did not have a functional machine gun    
  • Fixed an issue with emplacement construction that would show the object as fully constructed despite still being in construction.   
  • Fixed an issue with German 8-Rad radar effect not playing when the Signal Detection veterancy ability is active.    
  • Fixed an issue with tire tracks being left by British Forces CWT Truck 15.   
  • Fixed being able to unlock Air Re-Supply Operation ability multiple times from Special Operations Battlegroup.    
  • Fixed being able to use the Hull Down ability while in combat    
  • Fixed casemate vehicle auto target selection so it is no longer indecisive between infantry it can fire upon now versus tanks it has to turn to fire at.   
  • Fixed Fortified Combat Position Bonus ability to keep showing in command card when a building is garrisoned     
  • Fixed instances where units wouldn’t fire after vaulting    
  • Fixed Mechanized Assault ability not healing vehicles.   
  • Fixed ML 4.2-inch Heavy Mortar Recon Flare ability to show projectile being fired.   
  • Fixed Munition cost refund for Demo charge munitions.    
  • Fixed Rally to Me! radio antenna asset playing destruction effect after spawning.    
  • Fixed recovery vehicles sometimes getting stuck when issued the Repair Vehicle ability.    
  • Fixed some barrage abilities not properly locking out availability to other barrage abilities.    
  • Fixed Team Weapons tearing down while in combat when given an attack move order even if they're already engaging an enemy.    
  • Fixed the bonus emplacement damage being done to Wehrmacht bunkers    
  • Fixed the Commando Section's Concealment Smoke ability sometimes going on cooldown without triggering smoke effect.   
  • Fixed the Designate Defensive Line ability being able to target neutral/environment bunkers.    
  • Fixed the Jaeger and Panzerjaeger's Ambush Tactics passive ability to properly give the +40% accuracy and +25% damage to all attacks and for the first attack as well as the following ones in the 5 second window.   
  • Fixed the Matilda Critical Repair ability only activating once.   
  • Fixed the Panzergrenadier squad moving to target after Focus Fire ability ends.   
  • Fixed the Valentine Command Tank's Forward Observer Smoke Barrage ability to have projectiles cooldown start correctly.   
  • Fixed the vehicle repair icon for self-healing abilities    
  • Fixed Wehrmacht bunker weapons tearing down and trying to move when issued attack command out of range    
  • GRB-39 from Afrikakorps and Wehrmacht now drop on the ground at the same rate as other special weapons when a squad is wiped out.   
  • Infantry section Base of Fire ability now properly triggers only when all the squad is in cover and it affects all squad members.  
  • Landmines dealing damage now properly grant experience and kills to the squads responsible for building them.   
  • Loiters will no longer chase targets across the map or well outside the circle.  
  • Low altitude recon run will now properly reveal camouflaged units.   
  • Pioneers, Fallschirmpioneers, Engineers, Assault Engineers, Sappers and Panzerpioneers and Guastatori can no longer defuse their own mines.   
  • Player-constructed defenses now show up as ghosts in the fog of war. Spooky.   
  • Queued reinforcements provide proper refund if they are cancelled due to instant reinforcement from a medical station.   
  • Recrewing a British Forces M1 Pack Howitzer with the Afrikakorps faction will correctly grant you that unit.   
  • Special Operations Mark Target airplane time on the field now better matches the actual duration of the ability   
  • The Kettenkrad will no longer act erratically when hit by certain weapons.    
  • Weapon upgrades are now all properly locked / grayed out if the squad doesn't have the inventory capacity required to equip them.   
  • Weapon upgrades on squads that do not have enough capacity will no longer result in dropping a weapon on the ground. This fixes the issue where Team-Owned weapons laying on the ground have priority over squads when selecting multiple units on screen via a selection box. 
  • Observer Overwatch ability can no longer be permanently applied to a sector.   
  • Fixed an issue that allowed some vehicles to phase through medium sized environmental objects, like cars, instead of crushing them.    
  • Fixed an issue with the 254 Reconnaissance Tractor Off-Map Mortar Barrage also triggering the Smoke Canister ability cooldown.    
  • Fixed an issue where converting Scouts to Pathfinders or Artillery Observers while retreating would cancel the retreat order and stop the unit.    
  • Fixed an issue where Designate Artillery Overwatch and Designate Defense Line were useable on uncompleted Bunkers.    
  • Fixed an issue where overlapping multiple Designate Defensive Line auras would unintentionally stack the damage reduction for units in the area.    
  • Fixed an issue where the ownership of the British Forces Field Infirmary and Resource Cache would transfer to teammates when upgrading over a point they originally captured.   
  • Fixed an issue where Pack Howitzer and Heavy Mortar formations would have a single soldier wander far away from the squad upon detaching from a towing vehicle.    
  • Fixed an issue where the US Forces Demo charge did not display its camouflaged state.    
  • Fixed an issue where units could sometimes get stuck when retreating near buildings.    
  • Fixed instances where units wouldn't fire right after vaulting  
  • Fixed some abilities getting stuck on cooldown when recasting too quickly (aka spamming)   
  • Fixed Team Weapons not retreating correctly after tearing down    
  • Fixed the 4X4 Self-Repair ability decorator not properly showing a timer.    
  • Mines planted by Panzerpioneers and Guastatori now use the correct model, animation and effects. Mines planted by other units now also use the correct model.   
  • Removed the Churchill Crocodile flamethrower bonus damage against bunkers in Single Player.    
  • The Ammunition Supply passive description has been updated to reflect that it affects all units    
  • The Artillery Radio Beacon minimap range indicator now reflects the updated range when monitored.    
  • The Howitzer Free-Fire drills cooldown can no longer be skipped by using the Barrage ability    
  • Units will no longer cancel retreating early if their retreat target becomes invalid    
  • Improved pathing of engineers - engineers should no longer go to the opposite side of barb wire to cut it.   
  • Updated the Unit Command Card to include icons for the Breda Model 30 LMG, GrB Grenade Launcher, Johnson LMG, and MG 15.     
  • Added a new Visual Effect on facing order commands, to confirm units received the order.    
  • Artillery Radio Beacon now stops receiving bonuses to rate of fire and range as soon as the ability is cancelled.   
  • Fixed an issue with burst weapons that allowed to continuously fire outside of range. However, if the burst fire started in range, the unit will keep firing until the initial burst is over but will not initiate another one if the target is outside of range. This affects any unit with burst fire such as:  
  • Heavy Machine Guns  
  • ¼ -Ton 4x4 Truck  
  • 250 Light Carrier Halftrack  
  • M29 Weasel  
  • Flak Half-Track  
  • Several Infantry Weapons 
  • Modified the German MG42 Machine Gun Team White Phosphorous ability to have a mandatory reload animation when activated and at the end of its timer.  
  • Fixed a glitch that caused Team Weapon's Reload ability to not animate when used back to back.  
  • Modified the generic Team Weapon's reload ability to also force a reload animation, meaning that it will now interrupt a firing sequence, rather than simply queue the reload instruction.  
  • Fallschirmpioneers and PanzerJagers can enter damaged vehicles 
  • Fixed an issue with smoke abilities on vehicles.    
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from buying certain team weapons (Flak 36, 17 pounders) despite having enough resources.   
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to indefinitely use some bombardment abilities.    
  • American Paradropped units now benefit from Infantry Support Center upgrades.   
  • (2) Villa Fiore 
  • The central villa of Villa Fiore has been updated to reduce the dependence on garrisons and improve movement from HQ to HQ, via the villa itself. Three buildings have been removed, and a fourth replaced with a central mansion that has distinct blindspots. Height gameplay still persists in this area, but is less drastic once the player's units enter the boundary of the villa itself (any progress up the hill will negate it). 
  • Converting an infantry unit no longer makes it lose any collected special weapons.


  • Fixed a low chance for the game to crash while hovering over the minimap icon of a squad that is currently in combat.   
  • Fixed a memory leak in the reflection system that resulted in the leaking of speech data. Players should see a more stable experience match over match.   
  • Fixed a high-rate crash occurring when models would ragdoll. 
  • Fixed a high-rate crash occurring when models would ragdoll. 
  • Improvements in detecting cases of file corruption and trigger verifications on game installs.  
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur while previewing unit pathing using Tactical Pause.  
  • Turning off FSR with antialiasing on doesn't crash anymore.  
  • Improved/Reduced Frame Per Second drops while in a match.  
  • Fixed crash when closing prompts from a previous mission. 
  • Fixed a crash that occurs in the Italian Campaign recovery bonus objective if the target vehicle is destroyed before the objective begins.  
  • Fixed a desync occurring when the AI takes over for a player in a Multiplayer match. 
  • Addressed a crash while loading into a 4v4 quick match. 
  • Fixed top 3 high-rate crashes. 
  • Fixed an issue resulting in FPS losses for some players caused by a bug in how the game is loading/rendering terrain.   
  • Fixed a sync error when re-crewing team weapons.

Single Player 


  • Adjusted a territory point on the urban skirmish map that now enables units to capture in cover. Previously they were automatically pulled out of the capture area because of a lack of cover.   
  • Adjusted the Out of Bounds area and Vistas across many maps so the out of bounds areas are less visible.   
  • All Unit Production and Research Times in for the Allies is affected. Standard is 15 seconds for infantry and ultralight units. Standard is 10 seconds for upgrades. Build times of the majority of core infantry units reduced to 15 seconds. Upgrade times for individual upgrades reduced to 10. Tech research upgrades reduced to 15. Reduced recharge time on medical crates to 60 from 180 for Dingo and halftrack.   
  • Cover added to a unique urban crater which previously provided no cover. Will affect any map it’s present in.  
  • Fixed an issue where a kicker would appear on units for a very short moment when in radius of the Valentine's Armoured Commander aura ability.   
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s chosen affector was missing in the post mission debrief screen.   
  • Fixed many instances throughout missions where player squads were getting stuck in buildings or other features of the maps. Adjusted the impassable areas and disabled some garrisons in various missions to account for this.   
  • Fixed restart not being available when a Skirmish game was loaded from a save.  
  • General tool-tip fixes.   
  • Removed inaccessible areas of flame from skirmishes played on Pachino Stalemate to improve flow into and out of the central village.   
  • Resolved an issue where German bunkers were missing roofs. Too bad for Klaus, he loved stargazing.  
  • Saving the game while a squad is paradropping will no longer cause the unit to get stuck in the air upon loading the save.  
  • Shortened delay for bonus objectives to start in the Skirmish Battles so they appear closer to the beginning of the match.  
  • Tactical pause hint icon no longer overlaps with text. 
  • Fixed some hovering strategic points on the Twin Beaches skirmish map. They are now grounded properly.   
  • Fixed the Focus Sight ability to correctly update sight and range.   
  • Fixed a few buildings that didn’t have Auto-Reinforce set to ‘on’ by default. 
  • Adjusted tutorial mission atmosphere to move it more in line with other North African atmosphere settings.

Dynamic Italian Campaign 

  • Adjusted firing cone range of campaign map howitzer emplacements to better match the ranges of its bombardment ability.   
  • Commander XP is now correctly awarded for off-map abilities.   
  • Consistency work done on all Campaign Company's active ability icons/titles/descriptions in the RTS to better match what was described in the Company unlock page.   
  • Enabled the ability to save during our Gela tutorial so players can take additional time to complete it without being reset.     
  • Fixed a camera issue in the intro mission Gela where the camera could get locked at one of the map borders.   
  • Fixed a rare issue on the campaign map where transport ships could complete the “Assist the damaged destroyer” objective.   
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to select some of the towns in the Campaign Map.   
  • Fixed an issue to prevent emplacements on the campaign map from shooting through mountains.   
  • Fixed an issue where British Armored Company Crusader AA tanks would not benefit from suppression when upgraded with the 'Rapid-Fire' campaign ability.   
  • Fixed an issue where saves sometimes failed to load if the save was made while the American recon aircraft ability was in use.   
  • Fixed an issue where the “Repair damaged equipment” objective would be completed during the enemy turn.   
  • Fixed an issue where the sniper could use their Medkit ability when uninjured.   
  • Fixed an issue where the US Airborne and Spec Ops support ability passives were selectable in the campaign.   
  • Fixed Assassinate Baumann target being killable without completing the mission.   
  • Fixed attack and load commands not working correctly when issued from a company that was already within another city/town. Units automatically unload from the city and go to attack the enemy.   
  • Fixed British Forces owned capture points flying the Wehrmacht flag instead of the British Forces flag in Italy.   
  • Fixed detachments dying the moment they are purchased if they were purchased while inside the enemy's emplacement cone of fire.   
  • Fixed excessive fog in the Italian Dynamic Campaign when the camera zooms out while paused.   
  • Fixed Partisan capture ability not removing capture resistance pip when used on capture point with just 1 pip while having Valenti Local Relations upgrade.   
  • Fixed Partisan Explosives ability not dealing any damage.    
  • Fixed stance change being available while having no action points.   
  • Fixed the US Airborne company in the campaign being able to requisition the M3 Armored Car before unlocking it.   
  • In the Gela tutorial mission, the retreat command for the first objective should no longer fail.   
  • Save & Load is now accessible in the Gela & Calabria prologue to the Italy Campaign.   
  • Standardized tooltip description and help text for the Company support ability passives. 
  • Updating consistency for the Italian campaign map and the Italian campaign map tutorial objective transitions. Voice over and banners now follow a predictable pattern.  
  • Updating consistency for the tutorial mission objective transitions. Voice over and banners now follow a predictable pattern. 
  • Fixed an issue where recovered Stuarts for the Americans did not have the correct tint or voice lines. 
  • Adjusted bunkers to prevent paratroopers from dropping behind them on Monte Cavo map.   
  • Fixed stuttering during mission zero intro sequence.  
  • Fixed the default save names not changing in different game modes.  
  • Fixed an issue with the Anzio Annie Barrage ability not having a cooldown.   
  • Fixed damage on bridges with abilities such as bombing or barrages. These abilities now do the intended damage.  
  • Fixed cursor showing that incorrectly showed you can attack again when you controlled a naval unit that had already attacked this turn.   
  • Fixed FSE that can occur after loading a Calabria tutorial save.   
  • Fixed game crashing when loading some save files that had used paradrop.   
  • Fixed issue where troops would sometimes walk through Italy after landing from troop transport ability from port.  
  • Fixed map atmosphere state not being saved.   
  • Fixed Recover Wrecked Vehicle ability range for recovery vehicles.  
  • Fixed save overwrite confirmation dialogues not always displaying when making a save with an existing name.  
  • Fixed turn soft locking after using naval transport ability on a specific location in the Calabria campaign map tutorial. This only fixes new saves.  
  • Fixed the tooltip text to no longer be a blank “Requires: “ when issuing move orders out of bounds on the campaign map.  
  • Improved clarity on the ability fail message when trying to cast ability out of range.    
  • Addressed the jittery transition from zoomed in to zoomed out states on the Italian Campaign map.   
  • Attempting to capture towns no longer deal damage to it prior to doing mission or skirmish.  
  • Repainted territory in the Cliff Crossing Skirmish to make sure that the new territory layout has separate sectors for each point.  
  • Replaced detachments with emplacements in the Italy population breakdown menu.   
  • Adjusted HQ emplacements on the Mountain Ruins skirmish map to ensure there is sufficient space for off-map units to enter the field.    
  • Campaign units will no longer overlap when attacking.   
  • Company purchase menus can now be closed with escape after being interacted with.   
  • Deleted Sandbags in Anzio Defend that were not providing cover correctly.    
  • Emplacements that already fired this turn no longer shows as a threat on the movement preview.   
  • Fix bombardments not negatively affecting garrisoned enemy units in subsequent missions   
  • Fixed a bug causing Companies on the Campaign map to fail to load into transport ships during the transport ability.   
  • Fixed a bug where the End Turn button would sometimes not become disabled after activating it.   
  • Fixed a Fatal Scar Error in the Winter Line mission that occurs when the player kills bunkers early   
  • Fixed a load error during the Calabria tutorial    
  • Fixed an issue in Pignataro Maggiore where the British faction didn't have enough room to build the Company Command Post.   
  • Fixed an issue in the Monte Cassino mission where the Hangman's Hill complete dialogue played twice.   
  • Fixed an issue where Saving Private Norton mission could be soft locked by the player destroying their own tank.   
  • Fixed an issue where Wehrmacht Mortars recrewed by the British Forces used the wrong portrait    
  • Fixed Campaign map missions granting more resources than indicated in the mission rewards indicator.   
  • Fixed campaign Map movement animation for infantry and armored companies.   
  • Fixed campaign soft locking if a skill menu was opened while attack was in progress.   
  • Fixed Companies becoming invulnerable sometimes if retreating when attacked during AI's turn.   
  • Fixed German howitzers sometimes trying to target aircraft .   
  • Fixed hospital retreat point always being active on Salerno mission.    
  • Fixed issue on River Crossing Airfield where the airfield would sometimes lose track of its aircraft out on missions on save/load.    
  • Fixed issues in the garrison for the church near the forward base on the Ortona Defend mission that was causing units to be untargetable and unresponsive.   
  • Fixed Campaign map secondary objectives completing by flying a company over the location instead of reaching the location through land.  
  • Fixed paradrop on Campaign map being interrupted by autosaves when ending the turn.   
  • Fixed ships sometimes overlapping over each other on Italian Campaign Map.   
  • Fixed some soft locking occurrences if certain narrative events get triggered during the AI's turn.   
  • Fixed the game sometimes soft locking when Naval Transport ability was used on Anzio.   
  • Fixed the targetable state for one of the German Destroyers near Naples.   
  • In Anzio, updated the "Prevent HQ from being destroyed " objective to only start once the gun begins firing.    
  • Moved the ML 4.2-inch Heavy Mortar Team 4.2-inch Incendiary Barrage ability to the column 3 row 2 of the abilities card.   
  • On Salerno Defend when units are at the bottom or top of the stairs and directed to go down or up, they will follow the stair path instead of jumping down.    
  • Planes on the Campaign map will no longer create visual ghosts when exiting the fog of war   
  • Prevented Companies from using abilities when garrisoned in a Battleship.  
  • Removed a non-functional fuel cache from the soldier storyline.   
  • Replaced the SAS unit with a Foot Guards unit in the River Crossing Airfield mission.   
  • Territory borders on campaign map no longer flicker when overlapping. 
  • Fixed an issue where players could not change Company Support options when starting a mission.   
  • Changed the Hold the Line objective to focus on the two capture points beside the Flak 36s. Previously the objective told the player to defend their base.   
  • Fixed Companies from getting healed every time a save game is loaded.  
  • Fixed Companies getting stuck in Spinazzola if airdropped on the location.   
  • Fixed one of the Spec Ops Company's upgrades reducing cost of Mechanized Support Center's upgrades instead of Infantry Support Center's upgrades.   
  • Fixed the attack movement preview being visible when trying to attack an enemy target with a company that cannot attack on this turn.   
  • Fixed the Medical Half-Track being available before requirements are met.   
  • Fixed the Wehrmacht aircraft abilities sometimes ending too early.   
  • Reduced the amount of path-blocking rubble near a medical point in Ortona. This change will now enable reinforcements that spawn behind the point to reach the street.   
  • Updated the atmosphere on the Enigma Mission.  
  • When playing a skirmish, the title now displays the squad Company's faction name instead of the default assigned faction 
  • Foggia Mission  
  • Fixed a fatal scar error occurring when the enemy used a strafing run.   
  • Fixed an issue where some of the airstrike event notifications had no icon. 
  • Fixed the tooltip description of the Valentine II tank. 
  • Lowered the attack rate of the Partisan Hub Encircle Target ability, to improve game readability.  
  • The Fortified Positions trait now correctly references to emplacements instead of detachments.  
  • Updated description for the Special Forces' Elite Commandos Trait campaign upgrade.  
  • Improved resource crates clarity, ensuring all the different crate types feature a portrait and a brief description.  

Campaign Companies will no longer offer an option to change battle and mission affectors if there is none available.

North African Operation  

  • Improvements in convoy movement and behavior in the Desert Village Ambush mission.  
  • Adjusted asset position to prevent blocking garrison doors in the Ajdabiya mission.   
  • Fixed a bug in the Ajdabiya mission where the Flak 36 Objective could be completed by driving the truck up without the Flak 36.   
  • Fixed an issue causing the title card to play even when the player is not first starting the operation.  
  • Moved the enemy spawn locations to prevent them from spawning in view in the Ajdabiya mission.   
  • Reviewed UI mission completion and start popups to reduce cases where they appear back-to-back.   
  • Added a fail condition to the intro beat of Tobruk, preventing a soft lock.  
  • Changed the upgradeable medical strategic point for a default medical point in Ajdabiya, Gazala and Tobruk.  
  • Fixed a text issue with Grant tanks during the Tobruk mission.  
  • Moved props away from Garrison Doors to allow units to easily exit/enter on the Desert Raid mission. 
  • Changed the Ajdabiya scene atmosphere to prevent issues when transitioning between atmospheres.


  • A buff indicator will now appear over the 3-Inch Mortar team when the Zero-In veterancy ability is triggered.   
  • Assault Package for the Grenadiers now uses the correct icon when it is in the upgrade queue.   
  • Controls profile text now properly aligns in all languages.   
  • Fixed a naming issue with the Paratrooper Grenade ability.   
  • Fixed a ping message visual effect for friendly players.   
  • Fixed a tool-tip issue where the text 'NOT' would appear when attempting to build base structures too close to other buildings.   
  • Fixed a UI issue where several British tanks did not have portraits or UI when selected during the Desert Raid Mission.   
  • Fixed a UI issue with the Panzer Armee auto-build ability.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Deutsches Afrikakorps passive Self-Repair used a healing icon rather than a repair icon.   
  • Fixed an issue where ability requirement text is sometimes blank.   
  • Fixed an issue where Airborne Spirit displayed the wrong buff icon.   
  • Fixed an issue where British Heavy Machine Guns and Mortars showed the incorrect mini-map icon.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Flak emplacement did not display the text for veterancy awards.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Guastatori Demo Charge displayed a placeholder image when selected.   
  • Fixed an issue where the M29 Weasel with Towed 57mm Anti-tank call-in tooltip was incorrect and stated the weapon was unmanned.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Recovery Half-track's Salvage and Rapid Advance ability icons overlapped.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Stuart Ace was missing its portrait in the victory splash screen.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Stuart's Mark target displayed double requirements.   
  • Fixed an issue where Wehrmacht team weapons had incorrect portraits and text when de-crewed.   
  • Fixed missing and inconsistent key names in View and Remap Controls tab.   
  • Fixed Refresh button in Browse Custom Games Lobby.   
  • Fixed the missing portrait on the 25-Pounder.   
  • Improved the Command Tanks coordinate ability tooltip.   
  • Improved the majority of in-game tips to correct the disparity between functionality and ability. Tooltips now also provide greater clarity across the board.    
  • Improved unit production prerequisites not being properly displayed/communicated.   
  • Made the Exclusive Control Groups setting enabled by default.   
  • Self-Repair and Smoke barrage on the 250 Mortar Half-track no longer overlap with each other.   
  • Updated the design for the team-weapon set-up bar.  
  • Updated visual style of action bars that appear on the decorator.   
  • Players can now toggle the tab navigation on and off from the Settings screen's Accessibility's General section.   
  • Fixed an issue where LMG Commando Suppressing Fire ability did not display a UI icon when active.  
  • Building production buttons now have a toggled state.   
  • Changed the message on disconnect notifications to add clarification.   
  • Fix a crash that can occur when loading saves from Gela.   
  • Fixed a bug that caused dialog messages to get cut off in certain aspect ratios.   
  • Fixed a typo in Deutsche Afrikakorps Armored Support Group name.   
  • Fixed an issue occurring when a newly created North African Operation save uses the default name of the last completed mission.   
  • Improved the tooltip message shown when trying to invite offline players to your party.  
  • Replaced the CoH3 Desktop icon to support sizes from 16px to 256px.  
  • Fixed an issue where the Night Fighter Resource Point cosmetic did not state which resource point it affects.  
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players to receive new daily or weekly challenges on reset 
  • Updated the Co-op vs AI stats to have the most played faction.  
  • Disabled Select Map and Game Options buttons during match start countdown. 
  • Added additional tooltip for the Airborne Rally ability   
  • Added extra tooltips in the Mission and Skirmish results popup   
  • Added missing translations for “Turn” and “End” in Campaign for all languages    
  • Added SFX to various Minimap buttons   
  • Closing chat channels will no longer hide the chat widget   
  • Fixed a bug causing inventory to disappear in the Loadout tab   
  • Fixed a bug causing the veterancy tier descriptions to be missing for M3 Stuart tank.    
  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong icon to appear for Tungsten rounds when upgrading.   
  • Fixed a bug that caused a player’s Battlegroups to show blank on the Match Stats screen   
  • Fixed a bug where the Panzerpioneers could have multiple versions of the Booby Trap ability.    
  • Fixed a bug which had allowed the Panzerjager squad to deploy too early in the Ajdabiya mission.   
  • Fixed an issue where in the Load Games page, where campaign saves would sometimes appear in the Skirmish Load menu.   
  • Fixed disappearing Company support modifiers on the mission debriefing screen.    
  • Fixed UI being disabled when opening chat in screenshot mode.    
  • Improved quality of the territory lines on the mini and tactical maps.    
  • Match settings are now saved when exiting Custom or Skirmish lobbies.    
  • Mod Download notification: changed percent downloaded from float 0-1 to percent 0% - 100%   
  • Mod Download notification: fixed progress bar dropping back to zero after download completes   
  • Mod Download notification: fixed text "Download in Progress " to make sense after download completes    
  • Mod Download notification: implemented total download size and amount downloaded so far.   
  • Removed Rank icons from Skirmish match stats screen.    
  • Removed the End Turn button appearing when the mission briefing screen is opened.    
  • To help provide further gameplay clarity, there is now a bigger opacity difference between selected and unselected squad decorators    
  • Updated Japanese text for readability    
  • Updated Minimap capture indicator animations to show the point is being captured.   
  • Updated name of performance benchmark map to 'Benchmark'.   
  • Updated the Salerno UI decorator to show it is held by the enemy.   
  • Updated UI so that players cannot accidentally end turn while in the recruitment panel.   
  • Updated visual style of campaign loyalty rewards button   
  • When requesting slot swap in custom games, fixed an issue showing incorrect team number   
  • When using the Match Lobby Default Settings button to reset match settings, it now correctly resets as the default settings.   
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Game browse screen prevented players from navigating if there were more than 15 current game lobbies. 
  • fixes  
  • Fixed alignment of territory lines and icons on the tactical map for rectangular shaped maps.   
  • Fixed some messages not appearing when a tutorial is calling the player's attention to something. 
  • Added missing localization for Benghazi and Monte Cavo maps.   
  • Added localization for certain tabs in the end game screen.   
  • Added localization for Player Profile tooltip.   
  • Moved build number from the main menu to the settings menu. 
  • Player's rating will be displayed only after all stats have been loaded. 
  • Player Profile web leaderboard links now link to the populated leaderboards. 
  • Adjusted Player Profile resolution size so it fits in the screen for all game resolutions. 
  • Added localization for Player profile tooltip. 
  • Added a tooltip on a disabled button in the pause menu during the Tutorial   
  • General tooltip and ability icon fixes.   
  • Reviewed negative affectors in campaign skirmishes to display the right color, a description and an icon.   
  • Squad count is now displayed even when only 1 unit remains in the squad.   
  • Updated icons for side objectives in the objectives pop-up to look consistent with icons in the objectives panel.  
  • Using the Afrikakorps ability to recrew team weapons from the medical truck will no longer cause an empty / null squad to be shown in the post-game stats Units tab.   
  • When setting up a match, all game mode option selections are transferred over when you change the game mode. 
  • Certain elements of the Italian Dynamic Campaign UI are now correctly localized in other languages. 
  • Added an Add Friend button in profiles of players that are not in the friend list.  
  • The Battle overview UI is no longer visible when quickly switching from hovering on an enemy unit to hovering on a mission space, which previously caused various UI and gameplay issues.

Source: G2G