[PC] Year-1 Anniversary (1.5.1) Hotfix Patch Notes

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[PC] Year-1 Anniversary (1.5.1) Hotfix Patch Notes



  • Fixed an issue where the M4A3 Sherman Easy 8 did not benefit from the Fast Deploy ability. 
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get the same weapon upgrade twice on a squad. 



US Forces 

M8 Greyhound Armored Car 

Skirts have pushed the Greyhound to be too difficult to deal with for a variety of softer counters, leading to US Forces players gaining a significant advantage when these are on the field. We are gently rolling this back to make it more vulnerable to soft counters like Anti-Tank Rifles and snares. 

  •  Armored skirts health bonus decreased from 120 to 80 

British Forces 

Royal Engineers 

We are partially removing some of the changes to the Royal Engineer squad to make them more vulnerable to non-rifle weapons. We want to maintain the increase in capture speed, but also limit how fast Royal Engineers can arrive on the field to gain both map control and field presence. 

  • Build time increased from 20 to 30 seconds 
  • Reinforce cost increased from 24 to 26 
  • Health change reverted from 95 to 85 

Training Center Upgrades 

The Training Center upgrades are being locked behind the Platoon Command Post to require the British Forces to tech up to gain the powerful upgrades available to the faction. With the recent changes to both the British and Axis factions, the Training Center upgrades no longer need to be available from the start. 

  • Now requires the Platoon Command Post to be constructed 

Centaur Medium Tank 

With a stronger early game available to the British Forces, some mid game call-ins have become far too powerful and can often catch Axis players at a point where they cannot field a reasonable counter. The costs on the Centaur and AA are meant to slow down the acquisition of these units and force a deeper investment into them if the player wants a powerful midgame.  

  • Fuel cost increased from 75 to 90 

Crusader AA 

  • Fuel cost increased from 70 to 80 

Deutsche Afrikakorps 

Panzerjager Squad 

This change was meant to be part of the rest of the Panzerbuchse changes as we wanted to improve the effectiveness of the Panzerjager against vehicles through its rate of fire, but not its infantry efficacy. By increasing both, the unit is far too efficient against all targets, which we are now toning down. 

  • Panzerbuchse 39 AT Rifle now has a -25% accuracy penalty against infantry. 


  • Fixed a crash when transitioning out of a match. 
  • Fixed a crash when completing a daily or weekly objective. 
  • Fixed 3 instability crashes. 

We are still investigating reported lag and audio issues. 

Source: G2G