Company of Heroes 3 launches interactive history hub: ‘The Briefing Room’

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Company of Heroes 3 launches interactive history hub: ‘The Briefing Room’

Casting a light on the Italian and North African campaigns depicted in Company of Heroes 3, our brand new history hub The Briefing Room joins forces with historical experts to immerse you in the real-life events that inspired the game.


Taking the form of an interactive map, with key clashes highlighted across the featured theatres of war, simply browse the landscape and click to discover rich, detailed articles on the people, tactics and military hardware of the battles in CoH3. 



Remarkable true stories


Featuring insights and perspectives from leading World War II historians and authors, you’ll find everything from infographics on the ‘impossible obstacles’  faced and overcome by Allied troops, to extraordinary accounts of the legendary Desert Rats



  • Explore the background, key figures and remarkable true stories of El Alamein, Monte Cassino, Salerno and Tobruk
  • Learn about the resilience and bravery of the Polish Corps, who escaped captivity in Soviet Russia and journeyed thousands of miles to quite literally conquer a fortified mountain. 
  • Gain insights into the tough realities of desert warfare, including the ‘Anzac spirit’ of Tobruk’s Australian heroes, and the tanks that faced-off among the sands. 


You’ll even find reviews of famous movies by our experts – does an Oscar-nominated classic deserve its reputation?


Plenty to uncover 


The Briefing Room is an ideal way to broaden your knowledge about World War II, and the troops and civilians involved in it.


It is also designed to help players of Company of Heroes 3 connect even more closely to the subject matter at hand. 



Find out about the actual strategies employed by the Allied and Axis commanders, and wield them in your playthrough. 


Alternatively, learn from the mistakes of the past – and tread a sounder path. 


From the courageous locals who assisted escaped prisoners-of-war in Italy, to the brave minesweepers who paved the way for one of the most audacious naval assaults in history, there is plenty to uncover here. 


Head to The Briefing Room today, and find yourself in the real-life company of heroes:


Experts featured on the site:

  • Professor Simon Ball, author of Alamein: Great Battles
  • Matthew Parker, author of Monte Cassino: The Hardest-Fought Battle of World War II
  • William ‘Bill’ Beigel, historian, speaker and researcher
  • Dr Robert Lyman, author of The Longest Siege: Tobruk, the Battle That Saved North Africa
Source: G2G