An Independent Company (of Heroes)

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An Independent Company (of Heroes)

Relic Entertainment made an important announcement today, that we'll be transitioning to become an independently-run studio. We began as an independent studio almost 27 years ago, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to come full circle and take charge of our future. You can find the full statement from our studio here

So, what does this mean for our players and for Company of Heroes 3? Mostly, it’s business as usual.   

Throughout this transition for Relic, we remain committed to supporting Company of Heroes 3, and our team will share more news as we firm up our 2024 plans. We’re excited about everything coming for you in our next update, Coral Viper, and we look forward to your feedback once you’ve had a chance to dive in. 

Coral Viper (1.6.0) 

As part of this transition, the Coral Viper (1.6.0) PC update, planned to be released on April 23rd, will now be released on April 2nd. We’ve been able to complete the work for this update already, so you’ll be able to play the new Australian Defense and Battlefield Espionage Battlegroups 3-weeks early! Our Map Preference feature will likely need a bit more time after some initial testing, so we have moved this to one of our next updates. 

On April 2nd, Coral Viper will release with the following new content, features and improvements: 

  • New Content 
    • Battlegroups 
      • British Forces – Australian Defense Battlegroup (Free in the store) 
      • Deutsche Afrikakorps – Battlefield Espionage Battlegroup (Free in the store) 
    • Community Maps 
      • 2v2 – Operation Eindhoven by Spanky 
      • 3v3 – The Gothic Line by Tobeh 
      • 4v4 – Oasis Depot by Springrare 
  • New Features 
    • Difficulty Selection for Coop vs A.I. 
    • Vote to Surrender 
    • Automatch Cooldown 
    • Mission Select 
    • Accolades (Player Progression) 
    • Map Preference (veto) - Now planned for a subsequent update
  • Improvements 
    • Some A.I. changes 
    • Some UI Visual changes 
    • Vehicle Pathfinding 
    • Polish and bug fixes
  • Balance Adjustments & Tuning

For even more details on what to expect in Coral Viper, catch up on our Deep Dive with the development team (see below) or tune in to our Multiplayer Balance Discussion on April 2nd at 9am PT.  

We want to thank all our Company of Heroes fans for sticking with us. We can’t wait to begin this next chapter in our journey together.  

–  The Company of Heroes Team 

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