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Patch Notes

[PC] Hot Fix 1.2.5

This hotfix focuses on fixing select gameplay bugs.

[PC] Hot Fix 1.2.4

Today's hot fix includes the release of AMD FSR support, fixes to several crashes and a small change to unit selection.

[PC] Hot Fix 1.2.3a

This update is meant to unblock players that are unable to launch the game.

[PC] Emerald Bear Balance Tuning 1.2.3

Moving forward, our team will be releasing a smaller and more focused tuning update after every major PC release. Today’s update (1.2.3) will address some outstanding issues from the release of Emerald Bear (1.2.0) and make some tuning adjustments to multiplayer balance. You can find more information on our new update cadence for PC in our 2023 PC Roadmap releasing soon.   

[PC] Hotfix 1.2.2 - Patch Notes

This hotfix focuses on improving performance issues and FPS drops as well as fixing gameplay bugs and balance.

[PC] Hotfix 1.2.1 - Patch Notes

[PC] Emerald Bear 1.2.0 - Patch Notes

The Emerald Bear update (1.2.0) is packed full of gameplay improvements and balance adjustments. We are also introducing two new maps and the first version of our player profile. Be sure to review all of the changes and fixes below or check out our Mission Briefing for an overview.  

[CONSOLE] Hotfix - Patch Notes

Brass Leopard Patch Notes (1.1.5 PC Update)

This update focuses on several quality-of-life improvements, gameplay changes, bug fixes and more.

Balance Update 1.1.4

We are excited to release our first major balance update in 1.1.4. In this update, our team has focused on several key areas to tone down oppressive strategies and increase unit and strategic diversity. We will continue to monitor unit/faction performance for future updates.

Operation Sapphire Jackal - Update 1.1.0 Patch Notes

Our team at Relic is excited to share the first major update for Company of Heroes 3, which we’ve codenamed Operation Sapphire Jackal. This update includes a substantial number of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, gameplay balance adjustments, and all-new features and content. Find the full patch notes here.