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[PC] Coral Viper (1.6.0) - Patch Notes

Find our current known issues list here



[PC] Coral Viper (1.6.0) Mission Briefing

Introducing the Coral Viper (1.6.0) update for PC, available for Company of Heroes 3 on Tuesday, March 19th. Prepare for a series of notable improvements, including the introduction of new maps, refined vehicle pathfinding, and strategic balance adjustments.  

[PC] 1.4.0 Update - Steel Shepherd and Hammer and Shield

Exciting times are ahead for players who are waiting on the Expansion Pack and more content. Our biggest update of the year, The 1.4.0 Steel Shepherd Update, will be launched on December 5th. Additionally, we are also releasing the Hammer & Shield Expansion Pack on the same day.    

Company of Heroes 3 launches interactive history hub: ‘The Briefing Room’

Casting a light on the Italian and North African campaigns depicted in Company of Heroes 3, our brand new history hub The Briefing Room joins forces with historical experts to immerse you in the real-life events that inspired the game.  

COH3 Jacket Raffle

Follow the steps below and enter the Company of Heroes 3 Jacket Raffle for a monthly chance to win a limited edition rare CoH3 Bomber Jacket!

[PREVIEW] Coral Viper Hot Fix Balance Changes

Our team wants to share a preview of potential multiplayer balance changes for Company of Heroes 3 on PC.

An Independent Company (of Heroes)

Relic Entertainment made an important announcement today, that we'll be transitioning to become an independently-run studio. So, what does this mean for our players and for Company of Heroes 3?

Wire Report - March 15th, 2024

In this overview, we delve into recent events, including the announcement of new content for Coral Viper (PC 1.6.0), the console update, the conclusion of our two-week-long Twitch takeover, and new content shared by our community.

[PC] Coral Viper (1.6.0) - Content Update

An update on Coral Viper (1.6.0)'s PC release date and included content.

March 2024 Console Edition Patch Notes

This console update introduces several new features, quality of life improvements and new exciting content to the Console Edition of Company of Heroes 3.

[PC] Year-1 Anniversary (1.5.0) Patch Notes

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Company of Heroes 3, we have remade and re-introduced several classic maps from the franchise’s history into the game. Additionally, we have created two variants of existing maps specifically designed for coop and custom games. This update will also allow players to customize their profiles with new badges, banners and titles. In our ongoing efforts to improve the feel of Company of Heroes, we have also made small changes to pathfinding and acceleration. Please note that this work is still ongoing. Based on player feedback of Replays, we have introduced two new quality of life changes to the feature.

[PC] Year-1 Anniversary Mission Briefing

Our Year-1 Anniversary Update (1.5.0) will be released on Tuesday, February 27th at 10 am Pacific Time. In commemoration of this milestone, we are revisiting and updating classic Company of Heroes maps from both Company of Heroes 1 and 2 and integrating the first two community-made maps into the official map pool.