Battle Servers

Battle servers provide another major step towards addressing the lag issue that many players are experiencing in multiplayer games. Previously, players with poor internet connections or low spec hardware would cause all players in the game to lag in order to keep the game in sync. With the introduction of battle servers, players with slow machines or connections won’t pass that lag onto all other players in a match. So if you have a sweet machine and connection you should experience a big improvement!

1st Community Map

The first of many community maps to be integrated into the game.

Thanks to OnkelSam’s handiwork, players will now be able to automatch onto Crossing in the Woods (2-4 players)

New Map List Feature

Now that there are a lot more maps, we've added a more intuitive way to select the one you want.

New Surrender Feature

We’ve streamlined the surrender process, making it easier for players to concede and get on with their next match.

Balance Update

Braden Chan and Peter Qumsieh walk us through the major balance changes and features of this update.

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Bug Fixes

There are a lot of small fixes too numerous to mention, but altogether these add up to make the game just a little bit more polished.

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