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Thanks for the good game #creativeassembly! ✌️
Company of Heroes 2: German Lightning War Doctrine Commander
#CS #relicentertainment vs #creativeassembly
Company of Heroes 2: The Price of Victory. Campaign Cinematics (PEGI)
Behind the scenes moment #creativeassembly vs #relicentertainment #CS battle
Company of Heroes 2: Forgotten Sacrifice Trailer (Official-UK)
Meet the new Relic Community Team -
Christmas Lights in Vancouver's Stanley Park
Stream Workshop has come to Company if Heroes 2! Details:
The Best of Both World's: A Sonic watch and a can of DoW Sauce.
Noun from the Relic Community team is in London for meetings with SEGA. Apart from our games what's your favourite SEGA game?
Noun from the Relic Community team is at SEGA London for meetings and was welcomed by this fine chap.
Pumpkin Carving for Relic Halloween 2013!